Top 10 Funny Ways to Scare a Person

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Top Ten Funny Ways To Scare A Person

Scaring someone is an art. It is not so easy to scare someone so easily. It is always entertaining when we here about the scary events. You can do these pranks with anyone like friends, family, and relatives. Here we have the list of top ten funny ways to scare someone. These ideas always work in fantastic way. So if you planning to scare someone then just traverse the below list.

10. Hide yourself and scream


From the name itself, you may get the idea of this trick. This is one among the most common trick used by people all around. In this trick you have to hide yourself at any place like in a closet or behind a door and when your victim reaches the place near which you are hiding, came out with scream like a dog’s bark or a ghost scream and your target will be horrified. This trick will always work as when you shout or scream suddenly, you send shock waves in your target and he reacts in same way either by screaming back or closing eyes tightly.

9. Use fake rubber plastic animals


Get some fake scary rubber or plastic animals. For this technique you should first investigate about the person, who you want to target. You should first make a list of animals which scares your target. Mostly girls are scared of reptiles like snakes and lizard. Bring some rubber animals which give you an original look. When the target is not conscious or is busy in doing some work, throw those reptiles on them and your target will definitely give you your expected reaction. The advantage of this trick is that you do not require any prior preparation .You need to be cautious while doing this trick. You must take care that your victim doesn’t get to have any idea about you plan. If he gets to know about your plan then all your efforts will go in vein.

8. Staring the person and maintain a straight face


This trick only works when you want to scare an unknown person. First select a target with whom you want to play this trick. When your target comes around you then start staring your target with a really serious expression on your face. The target at once won’t notice but sooner or later the target will notice. To scare the target even more you can move swiftly towards the target, pretending that you are coming to harm him.

7. Make use of an unreal dagger or knife


You might have notice a large variety of fake knives and unreal daggers in the market.  Put on a fake knife or unreal dagger dipped in blood on stomach or your back. You can make use of sauce or red colour to signify blood. The tomato sauce and red color looks like real blood. Enter the targets premises or into your home with a very dramatic painful expression and voice. When your target will see you he will be really scared. The only thing with this trick is that your fun will won’t last too long. You target will get to know about your drama immediately after he comes close to you. You need to have great theatre skills to implement this trick. Any mistake in your acting can lead to your failure.

6. Plan a drama

scare them away

This trick works when the target has a fear for something. If your target does not want anything to happen and he has a great fear about that thing then you can execute this plan. To execute this plan you need to first analyze the situations which will make your target concerned. Work upon those situations and plan for a drama. You need a group of friends to execute this plan. If possible try to rehearse the drama once to make it more perfect. For example if you have a brother and you want to make him scare about his result. Then plan a drama that his result has come and he has not scored well in his exams.

5. Start screaming without any reason


This is the funniest way to scare someone. You don’t need to prepare anything before this prank. You can implement it alone or with a group of friends. You don’t need to do much just start screaming very loudly without any prior notice to the target. The target will be extremely scared and in fact in some cases it happens that due to shock target also starts shouting or screaming. This happens due to shock waves thrown by you. The target will also reflect your reaction.

4. Target’s fear

Instills a sense of fear among people

Most of us or in fact many of us have some kind of fear in their hearts. There are a large number of fears like fear of heights, dark places, haunted houses, dogs, and lizards also. To make this trick successful, all you have to do is that, act like a watch dog, and carefully observe about the fear of target. If the target has a fear of haunted places then take him to a haunted place and then note his reaction.

3. Scary storytelling

campfire stories

Telling a scary story is also a successful trick which can be played with really less efforts. You have to do a little preparation for this. You should learn the story in a proper manner so that it seems scary to the target. Stammering in between will make the climax less exciting. Recite the story with full of expressions and do tell a story in full dramatic style. You should recite the story as if it is a true incident. Story should not look  fake. Select a story which seems to be real. Try to connect with the listeners so that during the story no one will interrupt in between.

2. Haunted place visit


Haunted place visits are common these days. Visit to a haunted place has always been scary. You can make the visit scarier by adding a fake story to a visit. For example if you have a target and you want to scare him then take him to a haunted place. Before going to the haunted place tell him a fake scary story about that haunted place. You can even implement that fake story with him like tell him that someone lost his friend at this haunted place and then when you go to the place just hide yourself and enjoy the reaction

1.Become an evil joker


Many people are really scared of ghosts and in fact some even treat jokers as a part of ghost i.e. evil jokers. You can use this mind set as a very good advantage. Put on a very heavy makeup of jokers and act exactly like a psycho man. Walk strangely and for sometime forget yourself totally to blend with that look. Use this trick when the target is alone so that no help would be made available to the target.

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