Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Orange Juice

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Oranges are a modified version of berries and belong to the citrus fruits class known as hesperidium. All kinds of citrus juices are good for health and orange juice is one among them. Start the day by drinking a glass of orange juice and your body will surely thank you for this.  Oranges are the source of vitamin C and vitamin D. The orange peel is considered to be a good source of fiber. The juice of oranges is one of the most popular drinks you can see on the breakfast table. Why won’t it be?  The nutritional facts of oranges are far better than any other juice. If a person drinks orange juice twice a day his concentration of vitamin C increases. As many of you will be aware that vitamin C cannot be produced by our body it is essential to consume it. In America more than seventy percent of the people drink orange juice at the start of the day. Oranges were first cultivated in Southeast Asia and in present days they are mainly cultivated in Brazil and Florida. Below are the benefits you can get from drinking orange juice.

10. Keeps the blood pressure in check:


Orange juice is considered to be an ideal drink for the people who are suffering from disturbed blood pressure. Potassium is a necessary mineral required by the body to maintain the electrolyte concentration in the body. Fruits that contain low sodium and high potassium help to maintain the blood pressure. Too much intake of sodium increases the pressure on the artery wall which increases the pressure. Orange juice provides you with low calories, high potassium and no sodium which is ideal to maintain the blood pressure. Oranges contain 326 mg of potassium in it which helps to lower the blood pressure. Not only this, oranges are rich in magnesium which also helps to keep the blood pressure in its normal range. You can drink orange juice or eat the orange to get rid of the blood pressure problems.

9. Strengthen the Immune System:


It is important to have a strong immune system as it helps us to keep our body strong, helps to fight diseases and keep the pathogens from interrupting the functions of our body. If you have a healthy immune system the chances of cancer and heart diseases also decreases. Orange juice does not help to fight of the diseases but it helps to strength the immune system so that the diseases do not occur in the first place. It is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, folate and copper which are essential for proper functioning of the immune system. Vitamin A and vitamin C helps in the growth of white blood cells and their proper functioning, required for keeping the viruses and bacteria out of our system. Folate helps in manufacturing of DNA in the cells and without it the immunity decreases. Copper is also essential to maintain a proper blood cell count in the body. With the combination of all these four components orange juice is surely one of the most important drinks to boost immunity.

8. Prevents arthritis


Oranges are rich in phytonutrient compounds which when combined with vitamin C provides the anti-inflammatory properties to oranges. Along with these phytonutrients oranges contain hesperidin which is a type of flavonoids which also have anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen. Collagen is necessary as it helps to keep the bones healthy, repairs veins, ligaments, blood vessels and tendons. Oranges are also rich in calcium which helps to keep the bone healthy and prevent from arthritis. So it is suggested to start the day with a glass of yummy orange juice to keep the bone healthy and heal the pain due to arthritis.

7. Treats anemia:


Anemia is a disease in which the hemoglobin percentage decreases in the red blood cells. Iron deficiency can cause anemia. Researchers have shown that vitamin C helps to absorb the iron in the body. Oranges being rich in vitamin C can help prevent anemia. Hence people suffering from anemia are suggested to consume orange juice and increase their intake of iron.

 6. Treatment and prevention of ulcers


Ulcers are generally caused due to high acidity and are generally found in the lining of the stomach and mucous of intestine. Ulcers result in severe pain and constipation. Oranges contain fibers which help to keep the stomach and intestine clean and help to prevent ulcers. Orange juice helps to increase the production of digestive juices in the stomach which reduces constipation. Hence it not only prevents ulcers but also treats them.

5. Prevents Kidney Stones:


All citrus juices are known to prevent the formation of stones in the kidney, but researches have proved that orange juice is the best citrus juice to stop the formation of stones in the kidney. The main reason for the formation of kidney stones is the accumulation of certain chemicals and minerals in the kidney. When these minerals and chemicals combine to form a small chunk it gives rise to stones. Natural citrate present in orange juice helps in prevention of kidney stones. People who can’t ingest potassium citrate, for them orange juice is the best alternative to treat and prevent the stones in the kidney. It helps in decreasing the acidity in urine which reduces the chances of formation of stones.

4. Helps to reduce weight:


If you are keeping a check on your weight, orange juice is the best option for you to consider. Due to the presence of water soluble pectin in it, it helps to suppress the hunger and hence becomes a good choice for you if you are dieting. Oranges just contain 59 calories and high dose of fibers in it which prevents you from getting obese.

3. Protects against cardiovascular disease


One of the most important health benefits of orange juice is that it reduces the risk of heart disease. Oranges have water soluble pectin which helps to reduce the cholesterol in blood. Cholesterol is one of the major reasons for heart diseases. Presence of folate, potassium, vitamin C, carotenoids and flavonoids help in prevention of heart stroke as well as cardiac arrhythmias. People who consumed one orange a day have nineteen percent less risk of any heart disease. Hesperidin also helps in prevention of clogging of heart veins and arteries which prevents heart blockage and strokes. Hesperidin is mainly present in the peel of orange so the peel can be used as a flavoring substance in salads and cereals.

2. Prevents Cancer:


The report published by CSIRO, an Australian Research Group showed that people who consumed orange juice on a daily basis have reduced chances of certain kinds of cancer. Oranges are rich in natural skin fighting cancer chemical which helps to lower the risk of skin cancer. The presence of citrus lumonoids helps in protection from mouth, breast, colon, stomach and lung cancer. The presence of vitamin C and anti tumor chemicals also helps in preventing cancer. Hence drink a glass full of freshly squeezed juice of orange each day to keep you safe from cancer.

1. Makes the Skin glow:


Are you afraid of wrinkles? Orange juice helps to decrease the aging process and hence prevents the formation of wrinkles. The anti-oxidants present in oranges helps the blood to easily transport oxygen to various parts of the body which reduces the formation of free radicals in the body. Free radicals enhance the aging process and hence if they are reduces the aging process slows down. Not only it prevents wrinkles but it also helps to make the skin look fresh and attractive. It helps to bring a radiant glow to your skin. Not only drinking orange juice but applying it on the skin is also very beneficial. It helps to clean the pores and to reduce their size. It is also used as a treatment for sunburns.

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