Top 10 Health Benefits of Doing Zumba

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Fitness is a fast growing and dynamic sector of today’s times. Every few weeks, a company claims to have come up with the perfect formula which guarantees a toned, sculpted and fit body. One such trend that has become really popular in recent times is Zumba. It was invented because of the spur-of-the-moment actions of its creator, Beto Perez and now there are innumerable centers worldwide that offer it as a fitness class. It is the ultimate fat burning activity which leaves you sweating within the first ten minutes itself. Zumba is a combination of dance as well as aerobics and intensively works on various parts of the body during the course of the workout. It includes multiple forms of dance such as hip-hop, salsa, mambo and samba.  If you’re thinking of getting on the fitness bandwagon, Zumba should be high on your priority list. Here’s a list of all the good it will do to your health.

10. Healthy Skin

Healthy and clear skin is the sign of a fit body. Zumba gives you that glowing skin. Zumba is strenuous and consumes a lot of energy. Each move is designed in order to optimize the time and energy spent. A large amount of sweat is generated in order to keep the body cool and enable one to continue with the workout. This increases the amount of water consumption drastically. Drinking water flushes out all the toxins in the body and clears out pimples, acne and many other skin disorders. Half an hour of dedicated Zumba a day can change your complexion completely.

9. Increases Immunity

increased immunity

A strong immunity is important to be able to go about your day to day tasks. Exercise has proven to improve the overall health of the body and thus boost immunity. Zumba involves a lot of physical activity and plenty of moves that push your body to its limits. It does not simply focus on one section of the body but gets the blood flowing to every body part. In doing so, your body gets it’s much needed work out and functions better. This leads to a better immunity system which can fight nearly all diseases. While any form of exercise may give similar benefits, Zumba is also a lot of fun at the same time.

8. Flexibility


Zumba combines dance forms with aerobics. Aerobics are known to increase the flexibility of the body and power the muscles. A few weeks into Zumba and you will be able to stretch longer and reach farther. Tight muscles are a menace and can often lead to injury. Zumba ensures that your body gets used to a certain level of flexibility before moving on to the next. Each exercise is preceded by an adequate amount of warm up and followed up with stretching in order to avoid injury. Very soon, a full split and a cartwheel will not be as difficult as it seems!

7. Endorphins


Endorphins are hormones that keep us happy. They are mostly released into the bloodstream when we exercise. Zumba is a big contributor to endorphins due to its major cardiovascular nature. It increases self-confidence and self-esteem. Zumba is also a lot of fun and the music is always peppy and energetic. It reduces boredom, keeps the mood upbeat and being a group activity, it is also a good way to develop a healthy social life. This increases the happiness levels in the body and makes us mentally fit. A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand and Zumba is just the activity to achieve both.

6. Decreased Stress

decreased stress

Zumba is the ultimate stress reliever due to its enjoyable nature. Also, since it is a tiring activity, it eats up a lot of energy. This leads to better sleeping patterns. When the body is more tired and free of stress, it is easier to fall asleep. Sleep is essential for the body to grow and repair itself from all the daily wear and tear. Zumba promotes overall well-being and relaxation, leading to a calmer mind with less worry. It reduces hair fall, high blood pressure and other lifestyle related diseases and paves way for a longer, happier life.

5. Quicker Reflexes

quicker reflexes

Zumba has quick moves that develop lightning-fast reflexes.  It not only speeds up the reflexes but also improves hand-eye coordination as well as balance. Quicker reflexes improve the overall speed of the body along with the level of proficiency in just about any sport- that of body or mind. It increases the power of observation as well as the attention span. It improves the rate of detection of errors and makes us mentally as well as physically quicker. Soon you will be able to catch things at a great rate, may it be mental or physical.

4. Fast Runner

fast runner

Ever wanted to complete a marathon or win a sprint but never had the stamina or pace to finish one? Zumba has the solution to that problem. While it does not focus on spot reduction, it does give the lower body, including the calf muscles, an intensive work out that helps build stamina and speed. The moves are designed to improve the rate at which the muscles work and help in improving time as well as speed goals. A few classes of Zumba and you’ll be able to go for a morning run without any searing pain in the legs, so get ready to sign up for your next race!

3. Sculpted Body

sculpted body

Zumba is the ultimate combination of cardiovascular exercise combined with resistance in the form of body weight. Resistance is what increases the muscle mass in the body and helps you become stronger and lift heavier. It gives you that toned, sculpted look that you’ve always wanted and makes sure your body is swimsuit ready. It makes the arms harder, the abs flatter and the back stronger. Zumba helps you shape-up like never before and also adds a lot of variety which is much needed as the conventional way of bodybuilding, that is lifting dumbbells and barbells, can get mundane and repetitive at times.

2. Increased Metabolism

increased metabolism

If you’ve ever wanted to eat all the food you can without having to worry about your weight shooting up the next morning, then here is your chance. An average person burns 600 to 1000 calories per hour doing Zumba. This creates a huge calorie deficit and also increases the metabolism. BMR or basic metabolic rate is the amount of calories burned at rest. A strenuous workout like Zumba increases this rate permanently and facilitates the consumption of large amounts of food. A high metabolic rate is an indicator of a healthy and fit body.

1. Weight and Fat Loss


The best health benefit of Zumba is weight loss. It is a tried and tested formula with everyone from teenagers to grandmothers willing to vouch for its credibility. Whether you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss goals or just want to shed a few extra kilos, a dedicated Zumba routine will do it for you. It shoots your heart rate up and increases the number of calories burned every second! Watch as every inch of fat is zapped away over the course of time and your jeans become looser around the waist. It is a success-guaranteed technique!

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