Top 10 Illegal Things that Youngsters get Themselves Into

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Youth is the spring of life. It is the age where we can act insane along with a tinge of maturity. Life seems to be the enthralling and edgy game ever played. There is just one motto revolving around our minds “Live wild and young”. Youngsters are the future of the nation and the entire country beholds its breath just to catch a glimpse of the world they dreamt of. This huge responsibility lies on our back. But to their dismay, youngsters of today’s are fragile and as they are endowed with this huge expectation, they suffer failure and get swayed away by the lust and crave for quick success that the cruel world promises. They try to race their way to stardom and when they fail, search for easy ways to escape this reality. In the process, many prohibited and illegal things have found their way out in the callow minds of youngsters. Some of the illegal things youngsters tend to do are:



Youngsters, especially students, behave as vandals. The question is why?? When youngsters cannot cope with the situation, their reactions often become their words. They feel as if they have to rage a war to silence their critics and show their power. They resort to breaking and destroying others property just to show their dominance and satisfy self ego. Lovelorn couples lost in some other world prefer to show their eternal love to the world by carving their name in monuments. If you want to profess your love to the world, get your name carved in your beloved hearts not on the pillars of our treasure, historical monuments..!!

9.Live life on the edge-Reckless driving:


Today’s youth believes in the rule of fast and life on the edge!!
We prefer to waste time on the social networking sites for hours but when it comes to road and safety we tend to forget the wise men. Road safety has become a nuisance for youngsters who play with their lives just for some kick. Some days we see wind gasping for breath when these super fast youngsters decide to have enjoyment in racing through roads. This leads to double poor traffic policeman’s work and multiply parents hard earn money burn to ashes. But they have no pity for anyone and continue their game until their own lives faces a dead end..



“Just show me your answer sheet or else I will fail for sure”. These are the words we all must have encountered during our exams. A small cheating cannot mend our destinies. But many schools have expelled students for plagiarism which is a serious threat to other students. Due to extreme pressure of excelling in the academics or for copying down another’s thesis work, plagiarism has traversed a wrong way along.



Ahhh!! Taking some money out from my father’s wallet won’t make me a thief. That is the notion of youngsters. But this is just the starting of the bud to bloom. Soon the youth finds him in the most wanted criminal list for making the largest robbery in the bank. This is one of the common harrowing stories of today’s youth. It neither is in favor of success nor can slow down your time. But who cares to listen. To satisfy quick needs, to impress one’s girlfriend or to show off of having the coolest bike in the college, often youngsters fall prey to have an easy way out by a simple way burglary.

6.Play along, gamble:


We all are well versed with this word. Some day or the other we all have gambled, it might be for a simple game or for a big amount of money. Gambling is all around us. From the local lottery to match fixing, it has become a part and parcel of our lives knowingly or unknowingly. Gambling has put many lives at risk, destroyed many relationships If not caught in the initial stages, it can become an obsession and can lead the youth astray in the seemingly endless road to darkness.

5.Putting an end to life:


Every one of us in our green years must have thought about ending our lives but thanks to our beloved ones who have nurtured us with special bond and care that we fought against hardships and won our battle. But same cannot be said for everyone. Depression is the prime reason for the end of young minds. Not being among the prettiest one or desperately trying to win someone’s heart but losing out it to someone are some of the way to depression. Some frail minded not being able to bear it and puerility of the world succumb to the peer pressure. Life is beautiful and our paths are sometimes blocked by hardships just to make us stronger.

4.Acid Attacks:


Love is in the air. So is the lover. He feels his love is eternal and he goes to every possible extent to get his love. Vying for her attention, he tries every trick. But some love stories do not have a happy ending. Not giving response to someone’s lascivious advances or breaking up with your lover can be harrowing or even a death penalty for a girl. Spurned lovers not being able to face the reality, resort to acid attacks. It not only burns her body but also her career and life along with it.

3.Underage drinking:


In this stage of dancing hormones, who cares for ethics? To cater to one’s needs, youngsters drink along the aisle. Sometimes not being able to resist the temptation, one tries to give it a shot.  If you have not drunk or smoked, you are considered a boring idiot. This is the fake philosophy of today’s youngsters.  Too much of drinking can have an adverse effect on our health.  Along with all these noxious effects on body, it plays havoc in our personal life also. As youngsters tend to lose control of our sense, they do many mistakes like attempt to suicide or unprotected sex due to they have to regret the whole life.



Welcome to the cruel world where everyone is busy to stampede others and make their way to success. This has become a ideology which one and all follows to rise to stardom. Sometimes in the process, we leave our basic ethics far behind that we get entrapped in our own nets. And to get out of this net, murder is a easy way out. According to a survey, 80% of the murderers are youngsters. Not being able to cope up with the boss, or facing infidelity, murder is the one thing that seems to solve all the problems.

1.Drug me(nace):


It initially starts out of curiosity then it just takes a second to spread havoc in our lives and turn it upside down. It is really disturbing that although we all know the after effects of drugs, still we just cannot turn it down when offered. Why? Because it will make us look cool. No, in reality it makes you a fool.  Drugs are most easily available in the downtown ghetto neighborhoods. It is the main reason for the discord in the family, murders, and robbery in  town. To what extent drugs can be precarious for us, is unimaginable. Drugs are the most dangerous weapon against our youth and they are what is destroying them today. Not all that fight against it recover from the horrible addiction.

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