Top 10 Interesting Ancient Egypt Unheard Facts

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Whenever we hear ancient Egypt what strikes us is Pyramids and Pharaohs. And why not, since a pyramid has its roots there and pharaohs were the great erudite rulers of this ancient Egyptian civilization. Situated along side river Nile this dynasty came into existence in late 3000 BC.Apart from Great pyramid of Ghiza, temples of Thebes and river Nile, ancient Egypt is known for its other colossal intricate temples and various prolific agricultural techniques. Known for its archaeological details as well as conspicuous art and architecture, this dynasty portrays some immensely fine-looking structures in today’s world. Apart from being well-off in traditions, harmony and dance, ancient Egyptians also surpassed everyone in trade and commerce with other foreign countries. We observe in the news about various peace treaties of different neighboring nations. Has this ever incurred in your mind that who brought this concept of peace treaty and where it was first started? Ancient Egyptians were the foremost to observe the first peace treaty and from this onwards our great unheard facts about Egypt starts.So here I present 10 most unheard and unpredictable facts of Ancient Egyptian civilization.

10.Mummification was not solely limited to humans: -

When I saw the movie The Mummy series I was adamant that mummification was limited to only humans in ancient Egypt.However, when I researched in the magazines, internet and the old archival what I found was appalling. Animals in ancient Egypt were too mummified and were subjected with the same procedures for their blissful trail to heaven. During the researches conducted in Egypt, it was found that a crocodile was also mummified and then it was stated that both humans as well as animals were mummified in ancient Egypt.

9.Makeup was not restricted to only females:-

Another captivating fact enlightened was sporting of makeup by both men and women. We usually refer to women when the term makeup pops up. However things were different in ancient Egyptian civilization. Here, not only females but even men used to wear makeup as a part of their custom and tradition. Specifically, eye makeup kohl was a lot widespread amongst men and women both. Makeup such as kohl was considered good for eye care and therefore both the sexes used to apply the same. In order to protect their eyes from any parasites and diseases, kohl was ubiquitous and very famous in ancient Egyptian civilization. Indeed this concept of makeup ruptured in order to shield their body, especially their skin from any unwanted and harmful parasite.

8.Birth of a baby child is virtuous no matter whether its a “he” or “she”: -

Birth of a baby girl is celebrated with great enthusiasm and delight in ancient Egypt. No matter whether the infant is a boy or girl, celebrations were constantly equal and joy was alike. This shows that Egyptians were more liberal and advanced than we are in today’s time.Observing the current scenario of Egypt where women are oppressed and beleaguered, ancient Egyptians should be considered as an inspiration and a thing to learn on how to treat a woman. Therefore we should take motivation from Egyptians that how kind and broadminded they were towards girl child unlike today’s male dominated society. Chauvinism and bigotry was at bay during that time and that’s why Egypt prospered so much during that era unlikely today.

7.A hippopotamus is considered as an  ill-omen:-

Hippopotamus was considered ominous during ancient Egypt times. They were feared and considered to be most ferocious and dreadful animal. People have even stated that mysterious death of King Tut was done by hippopotamus.Also; there exists another fact associated with this controversial animal i.e. out of the same fear people started worshiping this animal. They were worshiped by pregnant woman in the name of an Egyptian goddess i.e. Tauret.

6.Polytheism was practiced in ancient Egyptian civilization: -

Countries are hit by religious conflicts and similar like situations. We have observed so many bloodbaths in the name of religion and worship of gods. Even today we follow dissimilar deity and sometimes even end up criticizing others faith. And then we call ourselves 21st century! Situations were different in ancient Egyptian times. They used to follow many gods and were not confined to one specific almighty. However they showed much greater belief towards the sun god and considered him to be supreme. There were rarely any differences and clashes for the sake of belief and spirituality. This shows tolerant attitude of Egyptians towards each other and i.e. why they are termed as polytheists.

5.Honey trap:-

Every civilization has its pros and cons. Conversely, ancient Egypt encountered pros numerously and very few cons. King exclusively was in charge and accountable for this merciless and cold blooded commotion. King was so apprehensive and fed up of flies that he used to conduct a rare inhuman act to keep them away. Slaves were addressed for this and they were stripped off. Only thing they would be adorning now is wholesome honey solution all over there bodies. It acted as a magnet for flies and they used to get attracted towards slaves and kept stinging them till they quench their thirst. Rare form of honey trap done under the kingship of pharaoh. This is very inhuman activity and a thing that adds to a black stamp in the history of ancient Egyptians.

4.Cattle rearing started from ancient Egypt: -

Egyptians are also termed as pioneers in trade and commerce. Apart from availing the facilities of river Nile, they were also occupied with cattle rearmament. Profession of cattle rearing was developed and accomplished first by ancient Egyptians. This shows their innovation and creative skills in starting any new trade. Moreover Egyptians were laborious and they did their task with utmost dedication and created a niche in cattle rearing.

3.Women empowerment:-

A very imperative and unusual fact about ancient Egypt is its courteous treatment of women in that particular era. Women in ancient Egypt were treated uniformly and were provided with equal privileges as compared to men. Women in ancient time could become doctors; priests etc and can follow a profession of their will and wish. They were giver equal shares in the possessions and most importantly they can even own assets. Hence, we conclude that women in ancient Egypt were treated elegantly and respectfully.

2.Virginity was not mandatory for ancient Egyptian civilization:-

In today’s time a woman’s loyalty and love is judged by the facet of her being virgin or a non-virgin. Virginity has become very important and crucial in today’s marriage system. Specifically men today want their spouses to be stain free and virgin. On the other hand the case was reversed during that ancient Egyptian time. Virginity was not mandatory and this doesn’t become the only paradigm to show faithfulness and love towards their spouses.In fact, ancient Egyptians were involved in sex before marriage and this was also collectively acceptable. Nevertheless they become really trustworthy and dedicated once they get married and worshiped each other with great respect and care.

1.Favorite drink of ancient Egyptians is Beer: -

Last but most unheard fact about ancient Egypt is its love and obsession for beer.Actually, beer was given the name of national drink in Ancient Egypt. It became Egypt’s most well-known and loved beverage and showed its existence throughout any gathering or celebration.. From an old to a young i.e. people of all ages irrespective of their gender consumed beer in voluptuous quantities. It became the dearest beverage of ancient Egyptians. Another drink consumed by ancient Egyptians is wine, although the alcohol quantity used to be lesser as compared to today’s wine.

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