Top 10 Laws that are Never Followed

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Rules are the very pillars of civilization. They serve as an important framework which shape the society and tell people how they are supposed to participate in making this place a wee-bit more habitable. They ensure that you can buy milk in your local market places and not have to bet off your entire fortune to win them at Las Vegas. They are like a set of directives that is intended to show people who like to pretend that they are the kings of the universe, their real point of existence. Without them, the whole universe can be summarily regressed to one picture- Chaos.

Some great person once said-“Rules are meant to be broken”. This was said in order to guide some really helpful and humanitarian people to get around the exhausting (but necessary) procedural lines and get straight to business of, you know, saving the world because they are doing something constructive for the ailing society that we live in and are, in general, always in great need of. It definitely won’t help when you try to talk the traffic inspector out of speeding red light because you were showing the others what scumbag 60s’ group of bikers they were.

Especially for the fast-food fed, solution-on-a-click fed generation of ours, these can be particularly taxing a certain number of times. I’m all for rules and laws and other such crap till they actually don’t interfere in my easy-going life like waiting in the line for a stupid piece of burger when all I want to do is go behind the counter and grab my burger just like I do in Mom’s kitchen. So, instead, I end up pulling all my hairs out and shouting at the paralyzed brains behind the counters to dig their graves and take the burgers with them. And all the talks of my character, patience and grace can be publicly seen taking a hike along a no-return route towards Mars.
Yeah, we all tend to bypass set rules to get out easy and fast some way or the other. Here are some instances that everybody has been guilty of having committed at some point in their lives and Behold! The Judgment day’s here-


10. Speeding the Red light in traffic


You’d find traffic rules as one of the major contributor of this list. We are a population who can figure out Fourier theorem (if need be) or making the perfect souffle, but can’t seem to get a hang of traffic etiquette. No, the Red light is not for sissies, or whatever you are calling your grandma these days. It means “Ye shall not pass” and NOT “3, 2, 1- Rocket launched”. Amber (yellow/orange types) means to slow down and NOT “Catch me if you can”. The color you are looking for generally is Green. And if you are color-blind you have no business being on the wheels anyway (yes, we know it’s not your fault that your genes forgot to read the traffic manual, but life isn’t always fair).


09. Please don’t drink and drive


Yes, we know you can still walk on a straight line after truckloads of beer. But No! You are not going to be on the wheels like that. No matter how much you feel like “flying” tonight. You are definitely not a statistic of the road accidents YET, and we wouldn’t want to be spending tax collectors’ hard-earned money on potholes like you who wait to hit people on roads to get into right senses.


08. Switching off phones during flight journeys


Before we get into the rocket science of this, I’d like to bring your attention to the fact that around 2.5% of potential air accidents have traced their causes to this phenomenon. Radio emissions from your cell phones might interfere with aircraft electronics systems. Takeoff and landing are critical times during a flight, and they require the crew’s full attention, constant communication with air traffic control and the correct functioning of all instruments. Now, you wouldn’t like if you had to defuse a bomb and somebody kept playing tera pyaar pyaar pyaar hookah bar in the background, would you?


07. People in seats reserved for special people/elderly


A matter that has been the subject of my raised voice everytime I travel on a bus or a local train- Reserved seats are reserved because someone needs it more than you. No one would force you to get up and give your seat to the shivering octogenarian standing there (no pressure), but at least have some decency and don’t park yourselves on seats reserved for the elderly and women. It’s because of people like you that this reservation thing had to be enforced at the first place.


06. Smoking in public places


If you want to die, I’d gladly let you do it, but please, keep me and my family away from that deadly smoke burning and charring away your lungs. Did you not see what happened to that poor guy for which they had to run the clip all the time in theaters just to get it across your concrete head? Besides, not everybody think you are so “cool” for doing that, some people think you have a shriveled appendix instead of a brain, and that may be next time they should make a live clip on you.


05. Get a receipt for every cash transaction


Well, the government ads keep yelling at the top of their lungs on how you should be a smart and responsible customer, but people still fall for the better option of saving 5 minutes of their lifetime in not doing it. You are actually helping the local businessmen to hoard tonnes of taxes on that basis, and that’s as good as guilty. Also, that receipt might be you’re only save when you find out that your chili powder was one half brick powder and one half Crayon vermillion red poster color.


04. No honking in No-horn areas


Is it that tough to follow? Especially in our country, where people think raising your voice makes you 10 times smarter than you think (when it actually increases your doofus factor by 100), its’ hard to pass by a narrow vegetable-vending-lane without listening to 101 bikes and cycles honking in a debate that might put the parliament to shame.Those signs before Hospitals, schools, and other sensitive areas are not there for aesthetic pleasure. Such people should be sentenced to a lifetime in the fish market.


03. Travelling on trains with waitlisted/no tickets


It has become so trivial now that people just pack in extra foodstuffs in case they find such company with them. The TTEs’ have a field day playing the Boss, and the travellers have a whole new lesson in adjusting and adapting, with people sleeping on their luggage kept beneath the seats. With the railways recruiting lakhs of employees every year just to make them feel better about themselves and the ticket revenues going down the drains, I have certainly given up hopes on this one.


02. Waiting in queues, anywhere


Be it in banks, or bus-stands, or ticket counters or popcorn stalls; queues are something that the quintessentially-on-the-toes people hate. Yes, it’s way more efficient to shout and fight your way to the ticket for Die Hard than the unimaginably boring way of patiently waiting for your turn. There are definitely some innovative ways of weeding out some of the excess population we have amassed, and THIS certainly is one of them.


01. Littering the streets


The streets of India, ah! The perennial joy of watching how uncivilized a whole literate population can be. It’s not what you have that matters, but what you do. And if you go around being the African Apes after hunting celebrations- throwing bananas or plastic wrappers on the very place you walk on every day, you might as well permanently shift to the wild. It’s amazing how everybody keeps talking about that dirty neighborhood but don’t think twice before tossing that paper on somebody’s face. Next time you see people doing that please get a travel brochure to Amazon/Madagascar for them on behalf of me. The captivity needs them.

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