Top 10 Leaders whose Bodies were Mutilated

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The world has had some cruel dictators, and other evil men and it didn’t seem justified that they sought refuge in Death so the mob had to mutilate their bodies and vent out their anger. Sometimes it was so bad that the mere mention of the steps taken can make your soul shudder. Compiled underneath are some of the leaders, not necessarily political, who not only died a disputed death but even their bodies were subjected to the worst human behavior.

10)Anastasio Somoza Debayle


Anastasio Somoza Debayle was a Nicaraguan leader and the 73rd and 76th president of Nicaragua. In 1975 he launched the infamous campaign to crush the Sandinistas who were allegedly supporting the rebel leader Augusto César Sandino who had began his guerrilla war against the Somozas believed to be supported by Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba. While the support for Sandinistas burgeoned the hatred for Somoza increased. Many prominent figure openly criticized Somozas in the wake of gross human rights violation. In 1979 Somozoa resigned and fled to Miami from there he went to Paraguay and settled in a well protected ranch but the rebels hadn’t had enough of him. So a 7 member team ambushed him in his exile home. His body was charred so bad that the forensics had to recognize him through his feet which where his only remnant.

9) Muammar Gaddafi


Who doesn’t remember the gruesome footage of Gaddafi beaten by rebel fighters before being shot dead.Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi or Colonel Gaddafi was a Libyan revolutionary and he ruled Libya for 42 years. From an impoverished background, Gaddafi found himself attracted to politics in the school itself. He then enrolled in Royal Military Academy and seized power from King Idris. Egyptian president Abdul Nasser was Gaddafi’s childhood hero and he deeply revered him.

But in 2011 the Arab Spring and the treatment dolled out to Tunisian President Abidine scared Gaddafi and Libya’s government implemented preventive measures. However,the situation turned precarious after the fall of Tripoli but Gaddafi refused to leave. On October 20, 2011 a Misratan militia took Gaddafi prisoner, beating him and stabbing him, they filmed the whole scenarios which revoked the memories of Mussolini’s execution.

8) Vlad the Impaler


Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476), was a member of the House of Drăculești so he was also known by his patronymic name (* yep you guessed just right) Dracula. He was labeled an impaler because that’s what he did. He ruthlessly impaled his enemies and any wrongdoers. In his life time he is believed to have impaled 40,000 to 100,000 people including women and children. In 1475 he declared his third reign and began preparing for a conquest of Wallachia but two months into the preparation Vlad was assassinated. Vlad’s head was taken as a trophy to Constantinople and his body unceremoniously buried.

7) Joseph smith


Joseph smith, Jr. unlike other political leaders on this list was an American religious leader who founded the Latter Day Saint movement of which ‘mormonism’ is a predominant branch. He died fourteen years later after his book was published. By 1814 smith and his associates had a bad rift regarding the management of Nauvoo’s economy and also because Smith had allegedly proposed marriages to their wives. Smith in turn excommunicated them. They formed a competing church and procured indictments against Smith on charges of Polygamy and other crimes. Smith however was adamant and ordered the destruction of the competent church’s only press. This enraged people and an uprising loomed large thus Joseph declared martial law by this time the popular voices were brimming with rage. Smith tried to escape but eventually surrendered and was taken into custody. On June 27, 1844 a mob broke into the Carthage jail with the intentions of doing away with Joseph once and for all. To escape a ruthless end Joseph leapt from the window but he was shot multiple times and he died as a result of the fall as well as the shots fired but the angry mob didn’t stop there and shot Joseph’s corpse several time more before they dispersed.

6) Pope Formosus


Pope Formosus was the head of the Catholic Church although his brief reign as Pope was troubled and his remains were later exhumed and put on trial. In 872 he was considered a candidate for the papacy but he left Rome and the court of Pope John VIII due to political unrest. John convened a synod and Formosus was ordered to returned or be excommunicated. This sentence was withdrawn as Formosus vowed to never return to Rome. In a fortunate turns of event for Formosus, the successor of MarinusI restored Formosus. Formosus died in 896 amidst n number of disputes and was succeeded by Pope Boniface VI, Boniface’s successor Pope Stephen the 6th sat in Formosus’s trial. His body was exhumed and put on trial. His papal vestments were torn from his corpse and three fingers from his right hands were cut off. The corpse was then thrown into Tiber River.

5) Samuel Doe


Samuel Kanyon Doe- the 21st President of Liberia and one of the worst dictators ever. In 1980 Doe along with General Thomas Quiwonkpa led a military coup and killed the then president William R. Tolbert Jr. All that starts with violence ends with violence so in 1985 when General Thomas Quiwonkpa led another coup against Samuel Doe this time was captured and killed by Samuel’s forces. After this failed military coup attempt Samuel Doe became more ruthless and oppressive than before.

Doe was finally captured in Monrovia by a faction leader named Prince Y. Johnsonafter a bloody gun battle from there he was taken to Johnson’s military base to be tortured and executed. The whole incident was videotaped and was watched on news around the whole world. The rivals allegedly dismembered him and the following day his body was cooked and eaten.

4) Gaspard II de Coligny


Gaspard II de Coligny was a French nobleman and a disciplined Huguenot leader in the famous French Wars of Religion. Following the death of Henry the 2nd Gaspard appointed himself at the forefront of the Huguenot party and demanded reforms but the hostility between Coligny and François of Guise soon became vicious. On August 22, 1572 Coligny was shot at by a man from Guise’s house though no subsequent relation was established. The Catholics fearing the lash back on this attempted assassination decide to kill Coligny for good. On what came to be known as the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, Coligny was attacked by a mob led by Guise. A servant of Guise managed to kill Coligny and threw his corpse to his master Guise. One of the associates of Guise then chopped Coligny’s head off.

3) Johan de Witt


Johan de Witt was a prominent figure in Dutch politics in the mid- 17th century. He was the member of a Dutch patrician family. With De Graeff, De Witt helped in restoring peace post- first Anglo- Dutch War with the Treaty of Westminster in 1654. In 1672 however France and England attacked the republic during Franco-Dutch War and Organists took power and deposed de Witt. When Johann de Witt arrived in the city, the brothers were dragged out and killed near a scaffold. Their bodies were believed to have been mutilated, cooked and eaten. The hearts of Witt brothers was exhibited for many years.

2) Oliver Cromwell


Oliver Cromwell was an English military and political leader and the Lord Protector of Commonwealth of England, Ireland and Scotland. Cromwell died from the combined effects of Malaria and Kidney Stones in 1658 but in an eerie resemblance to Pope Formosus’ posthumous trial. In 1661 his body was exhumed and subjected to a posthumous execution. His body was hanged in chains in Tyburn and then thrown into a pit while his head was put on display on a pale outside the famous Westminster Hall.

1) Benito Mussolini


Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini or better known as   Il Duce was an Italian politician and leader of the National Fascist Party and is known as the main propagator of fascist ideology. In 1940 Mussolini sided with Hitler and Germany. In 1943 Mussolini was defeated in the vote at the Grand Council and the King had him arrested. In following September he was rescued from the prison by German Special Forces. In April 1945 he tried escaping to North but he was captured and executed along with his mistress by Italian Partisans and his body was then taken to Milan where it was hung upside down at a public service station on full public display. Hence this ruthless leader met an unmatchable gruesome end.

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