Top 10 Life Situations that Bring People Closer

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Life is a rat race. We are so busy running in the race and trying to keep up with the pace, that we forget the basic necessities of our life, which clearly are not the food, clothing and shelter, but the need for companions.  At times, we do not know whom we are going to end up in life with, and that very person might be right in front of us. All it takes is a few miracles to bring us close to the people we never knew existed, or at least realize how important they were. Well, that superior power we call God, has His own way of planning our lives. Take some time out and look around you, you know your priorities, you know who are the ones who dominate your life. But just a year later you will see how your life has been altered with those people dominating your life who you  never expected at the first place. Miracle, anyone? There are certain situations or rather circumstances, big or small, that unknowingly bring people close to each other. Here I have to mention that by ‘close’, I do not hint at the physical proximity, but the emotional connection that sometimes clicks at the very first meeting, or at times takes more than a few encounters, chance or planned, to blossom into a full fledged relationship. It was really tough to pick out ten such situations that bring people closer in this modern age of technology. Hope the following situations have been experienced by you at some point in time.

10. Boring Parties


Parties, mostly tend to go on the boring side, after the first few drinks and the initial hi-hellos. More so when we are attending the parties alone. How many times have we experienced someone coming up to us at a party and saying hi? Lots of times, I guess. Though the chances of developing it into something serious and meaningful are very few, but at times it does. Another soul which finds the party equally boring as you do, will find you interesting and possibly sparks will fly between you two. Or even an old friend of yours whom you accidentally stumble upon at the party, find find your company interesting and you guys end up exchanging numbers by the time you head towards your respective homes.

9. Long Journeys


Long journeys get extremely boring and monotonous with time, especially when travelling alone. Such boring journeys are sure to bring people closer. After a time you definitely want to start a conversation with the person sitting next to you. In the course of time, you get to know the person. If you are traveling with somebody, even better. Talking to that person might lead you to know some unknown facts about him or her and by the end of the long journey, you will feel closer than before. Isn’t it good that you do not have to put any extra effort or take out time from your busy schedule and in return you get to spread love and warmth?

8. Availing Same Public Transport Everyday


Public transport is the place where one can find the widest variety of Homo Sapiens. There are a huge percentage of people who avail public transport on daily basis for going to schools or work places. These people are generally great friends. Travelling on the same bus for years is bound to bring the office goers closer to each other. These people usually know everything about each other and are with other through thick and thin, but their relations are limited tot he bus journeys. Seldom do these people visit each other on holidays. It is like an unsaid rule that everyday they have to avail the same time slot bus and have long discussions about life and further on.

7. Shared Interests and Disinterests


It is scientifically proven that people who share common interests and disinterests are generally closer to each other. when you and another person have similar likes and dislikes, you automatically have a lot to talk about. Even if you meet a stranger who likes the same sport or television series as you, or dislikes the particular actor pr player you hate, you will instantly strike up a conversation that can keep on going for hours at a stretch. At times you may even realise after hours of gossip that you have not yet asked each other’s name. But the connection is strong.

6. Common Friends


Common friends are the most common way of making new friends and staying in touch with the friends we already have. The common friend, or mutual friend, as we know it now is a constant medium of contact between the ones who they are friends with. We meet the other friend, or are Facebook friends because of that sole mutual friend. This way we get closer to the other friend.

5. Pen Friendship


Though the idea of pen pals have almost been out, yet there are people who still follow this method of staying in touch. And trust me, such people are closer to each other. Pen pals are the ones who stay in touch through mails and letters, and might belong to any part of the world. For such people, language, caste and creed are just English words. They write to each other, convey every single thing around them and are friends in the true sense. The innumerable letters that are exchanged bring them closer.

4. Fights and Quarrels


Sounds strange, but true. fights and quarrels are generally the result of misunderstandings between two people. The fight simply clears them out. While fighting, you get to know which aspect or mistake of yours made the other person angry and you can always apologize for that, clearing out all the bitterness. The result? After the fight is over, you are closer to your friend or partner than you were before. So fights, yes, are a way to bring people closer. But the healthy fights, not the ones which take nasty turn.

3. Booze


Boozing is a great way to make up for a fight, or to make new friends, or catch up with old friends. You have a drink with a person and the emotions are bound to flow in an unrestricted manner. And when emotions are involved, closeness is bound to crawl in. The mindless confessions, the crazy laughs, the sentimental expressions of love and heartbreak, all bind the people together.

2. Loneliness


Loneliness can be heart wrenching. When you are lonely, everything seems out of place. You tend to look for a company. And the few selected ones who are present beside you during your tough times, you end up being closer to them than ever before. Because we, in loneliness, are always in search of someone to spend time with.

1. Death


It is the worst situation that can dawn upon mankind. The person leaves, his close ones are left behind with a permanent void in their hearts. After we lose someone permanently, we look for someone who can fill up that space to some extent. We look for someone who can lessen the pain to some extent, and in the process we unknowingly get so close to that particular person that life seems incomplete without them.

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