Top 10 Mistakes to make before you Die

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Mistakes are always the most efficient ways of learning new things and the greatest source of funny and inspiring stories. They not only strengthen your faith in self but also prove the true character of your beliefs. They earn you valuable experiences and as they say, Experience is always the ultimate teacher. Besides, you know how some of the greatest inventions and discoveries were actually mistakes done by some intelligent observers (you know the story about how chewing gums came into being, right?)

Now this list won’t make you into a scientist of some sort (but if it does, we’d be happy with some acknowledgment!), but for people who are perennially stuck in some kind of drab lists of assignments and mundane chores to follow, this might be “the” moment when you type out that resignation letter and book a ticket to Spain :

10. Eat a living Tarantula, Bear Grylls-style


Yes, I have had glorious testimonials about its crunchiness and wholesomeness, but what’s life if you haven’t tried a food that has hairs on its legs and scares the bejesus out of WWE champions. Same goes for other food that are might look really creepy, but who knows, you might be surprised with how those crawling, slimy creatures had such nutrition packed in them the whole time.

9. Try the golden adage- “The dog ate my homework” for office assignments


I have always been curious to know how people innovatively people can react to an excuse that reeks so strongly of obviousness. I mean, people miss deadlines all the time. So we can try and experiment with the office ethics a bit. Do they get carried away emotionally in a professional setup? Does it invoke a stronger response than “my fish died”? Do they empathize and suggest you claim for dog insurances from your health expenses covered by the company? So many unresolved corporate questions we have.

8. Get filthy drunk and kiss everyone in sight


Apart from fulfilling your ultimate wish of getting banned from all pubs and bars in the vicinity, it might also earn you new admirers depending upon the fact how great a kisser you are. And while you are at it, get off all your clothes and declare your undying love to the Dolphin community.

 7. Get arrested

Policeman handcuffing teenager

Now this might be an ultimate experience. There are several innovative ways of ending up in jail- like trying to break into Ben and Jerry’s at 3 in the night, or getting your pig to teach the neighbor a lesson in social hygiene. Or, you could plan to rob a federal bank and maintain a blog about it. This would amuse both the federal police and the dedicated daily internet surfers. This might have 2 kinds of consequences- either you develop a great respect for people in uniform or you spend the rest of your life realizing a mundane life wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. Not to mention what an internet sensation you’d have become.

6. Get married


Most cupid-stricken people won’t agree with the concept. And I totally agree that getting married to the childhood crush was the best ever thing that happened to you.  But the movie’s never complete if it doesn’t show the whole story. Apart from putting the red light on kinky sex forever, it also does some comprehensive damage to your sense of self-entitlement and the personal space you so much craved since entering your teens. I’m not saying this could be the end of the world (for some, it might), but youthful aspirations certainly take a substantial setback after you sign the papers to forever part with your individuality.

5. Spend a week or two in the woods, without the aid of any reminder of the modern world


Now this should be fun. Living in the woods- dressed in nothing but a loincloth and travelling not by carpools (if you don’t count the occasional elephant rides) but tree-twigs- Tarzan style. It’d certainly make you appreciate the natural human need for easy comfort and how this tendency of laziness has virtually drove the growth of civilization ever since. No tabs, No cell-phones, No iPods and no induction cookers- this one is definitely not for the heart-patients.

4. Wake up next to a total stranger


This is my way of subtly putting the most obvious choice of mistakes most people would want to whole-heartedly commit- Have a one-night stand. Yeah! Go rejoice! You now have an incentive to do it too. It’s exciting as well as creepy if you happen to have no memory of ever seeing the person and are waking up in a dungeon full of fuming vials of green-colored acid.

 3. Try weed


First a free piece of trivia- weed (acid/grass) is totally legal in certain US states, Netherlands, North Korea (yeah, human rights is still an issue there but do all the weed you can), Canada etc. Now, people would give you really varied opinions about this, ranging from- “Don’t try it! It’s a sin” to “Mannnnnn! dope“. But there’s never a singular opinion. I’d have gladly given you mine, but unfortunately I don’t have a living memory about it. See! I got you interested already.

p.s- No! I’m not a dealer. But if you have some, invite me over ;)

2. Go Bungee-jumping/ Sky diving


Live your wildest dreams possible. If you are doing all of this because of the fear that you might die un-happening-ly, then you might as well die through a broken cord or parachute failure. At least, you’d know how it feels like weightless and the only worry in your head is about taking your next breath. Yeah, if you survive, all the broken limbs and trauma might be the only side-effects of the “mistake” but it’d be like getting into a street-fight and getting knocked over (which, by the way, is another thing people would like to do on a daily basis).

1. Give up the cushy job you have, and go chase that dream you have had since 7


No! Being mature doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dreams, get settled and care for the pleasures of the world. It means having the strength and will to finally work upon something you have always wanted. You can now devote your experienced mind to get going on that video-game start-up you have wanted, or to work for the famished diamond laborers in Africa, or go hitchhike in Sweden. You see, there’s never a right time or the right age for any of it (kids are becoming CEO’s at 13 now). The maximum that could happen is you blow up the whole thing and have nowhere to go, or get bombed up in Somalia. None of it would have you regretting that you didn’t live the life you wanted. It’s a mistake if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be, and if it did, maybe you should make more mistakes.

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