Top 10 Qualities any girl would want in her Man

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Ever since the existence of mankind, there is a question that has boggled every man’s mind, what is it that a girl needs? To understand a girl is such an impossible task that one would prefer counting the stars in the sky instead. There is also a saying that ‘A girl is not meant to be understood, they are meant to be loved’. But every girl has a dream about her life partner. She plans her life with a guy and expects a lot of things. A girl always dreams about a guy who treats her like a princess and never leaves her or loses faith in her. There are many more things every girl wishes her guy to be and are also important so as to make a relationship successful. Narrowing down a few points, we present to you a few qualities every girl looks in her man.


10. Loyalty

Loyalty is needed in every relation of our lives as it is the only bond that keeps two people together even in hard times. Being loyal is more than cheating on your girlfriend by sleeping with someone or having an affair. It also means sharing your worst secrets and your fears with the one you love and being strong enough to face all problems with your partner. If your guy is not loyal with you, than he will always suspect your loyalty too and if you want your relationship to last, make sure your man is trustworthy to you because lies cannot be hidden forever.


9. Respect

Every girl has a right to be treated nicely. If you choose a guy who doesn’t respect girls or don’t know how to treat you in public, than that’s a shame! A real man will treat you well and will never do anything which will make you uncomfortable. You don’t get respect until you know how to give it. A man should know how to respect others as it is one of the main qualities a girl expects in a guy. A good respected gentleman will respect you and accept you the way you are. A guy should never forget that they were born from a lady, so they should learn to respect all.


8. Understanding

A girl would want to be with a man who understands her completely. She would want to be understood and treated equally. A relationship can be healthy if both the partners have strong mutual understanding which can pass them through the hardest times so that small fights never break them. No girl would like a guy who is not ready to respect her needs and quit the relationship every chance he gets and only does what he wants. A guy should have a broad mind and should always think things from every perspective before reaching to a decision.


7. Confidence

A good man is confident in his own decisions and always stands by his own words and never lets anybody fool them or manipulate them. A confident man will always abide by his rules and will always be confident about you too. He will always choose a right path rather than an easy one.  He knows how to maintain his values and will never be sarcastic or cynical.


6. Etiquette

A man should know how to treat his woman in public and should know how to respect her. He should maintain decency. A man is not only judged on the words he speaks but also on his gestures. The key to a girl’s heart is the simple things you do to make her feel special. Opening the door for her, making sure she sits before you, talking to her gently, treating her like a lady are the things that never fail to make a mark. Etiquettes are how you can never fail to make an everlasting first impression on a girl. Well as they say, every lady prefers a gentleman.


5. Strength

A man with physical strength is definitely a catch. A strong man knows how to control his life and is not considered a bully. It is also important that he should be strong inside too. A strong man knows how and when to draw boundaries and knows how to overcome the negative things in his life. Being strong doesn’t mean he should have anger and power as these are signs of weakness. Inner strength is more important in order to handle the real life situations and is a must quality for a guy.


4. Sense of Humor

A man who knows when and how to make his woman laugh is always on top of women’s list. The guy should not be a comedian but he should understand the situation and just go with it. Cynical and bummed-out guys will always let you down. Laughing with each other creates a very strong bond between people and helps to move on happily from minor speed bumps in life. Make sure your guy is funny and humorous and he is laughing with you, not at you.


3. Hardworking

A girl likes to be with a guy who is focussed and hardworking. A guy who is hardworking will always have a plan for his future and will always take care of you. He should be fun to be around but should not divert from his ambitions. Guys who have a work-ethic and have a goal set in their life can be trusted in the future and are the ones, a girl wants to be with.


2. Looks

A guy who knows how to dress himself and grooms himself properly are preferred than guys who wear misfit clothes and are out of shape. No girl likes to walk with a gross guy who hasn’t shaved properly or hasn’t taken a shower. A guy should have a charming personality and should be decently dressed. A girl likes to show her guy off to people to feel good about herself and her guy. So be the guy your girl wants.


  1. Maturity

Every relationship has fights and they are considered as a sign of love and care but fights can even end a relationship. A mature person knows how to handle the ups and downs in a relationship. A girl likes to be with a guy who knows how to handle situations without creating chaos and who can take decisions maturely. None of the girls would like to be with a guy who disappears and doesn’t know how to take decisions wisely. If your guy is not able to ‘be a man’ in a particular situation, then he is not the right one. A relationship can go smoothly, only if handled maturely and as the male member is considered the alpha member so he should know when and what!

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