Top 10 Reasons Why Babies Cry

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When we think of babies, apart from cute little hands, tiny and round head, twinkling eyes, giggles; one more thing comes to our minds and that is not so cute like other traits, babies “cry”.  All those mothers out there sure know some of the reasons why they cry. Some might call them stupid but from a child’s point of view, those things define its life. A crying child can be spotted almost daily, on the streets, in the mall, in the park or even at home. Various forms of popular media such as movies and television incorporate the motive of a crying baby to add a comic element to the piece of fiction which everybody can relate to. Some people learn to live with it. While others find it extremely annoying so much so that they just cannot bear it. So here we are with our article listing out top ten things children cry for, hoping that this would provide a different perspective to you the next time you see a child crying its eyes out.

The top 10 things children cry for are:

10. Teething


The habit of teething is one annoying habit for the people nearby to say the least. Looking at a kid chewing on some jelly like gooey substance made up of some sort of rubber is not a sight that one would wish for from Santa. However, even for the babies, the entire period of being devoid of teeth or having miniature teeth is a painful one. They constantly need to chew upon something or the other to be comfortable and happy. And when they are bereft of this, they raise hell, heaven and the entire cosmos!

9. Feeling bored


Children get bored with the ease with which they outwit the adults. Their mischievous and naughty behaviour is their own source of entertainment. But as it happens with all the artists of the world, they too get tired of one thing or the other. Thus, a need for some variety in life is immediately realised. However, let us all accept the sheer fact that a child’s awe and creativity cannot be matched by us at all, rendering us to be of no good use to the children. Consequently, the child gets bored and starts crying. One who is able to deal with it is a good parent and one who is not starts crying himself.

8. Feeling too hot or too cold


Feeling cold? Take a blanket. Feeling hot? Turn on the air conditioner. Adults’ lives are so easy. But come to think of the lives of the tiny toddlers. They cannot do anything about the irritating weather conditions around them. These dependant babies are left with no other option than crying. Only through crying can they express their experiences and feelings regarding them. The immunity level of children is also very low. They do not even have properly developed understanding of issues related to health. They just feel. They feel something is wrong and the instantaneous response to that is shedding tears in a full loud voice.

7. Wants to poop


Children are not fully aware of the defecating habits of human civilization. However, they have full knowledge of their bodies and its need to cleanse its interiors naturally. When the child has an urge to take care of this need, that is, when the child has to poop but is unable to do so due to the circumstances, it is bound to cry in a miserable condition. We can’t even imagine how utterly irritating that can be. But here we are, cribbing over our lives day in and day out.

6. Wants to be held


Nothing in the world can come even a hundred thousand miles close to the warmth of mother’s touch. In times of crisis, just her touch is enough to make all the worries vanish. Imagine how strong would be the case with a baby who is not yet fully out of that umbilical zone as Freud would say. A child loves to be held and be taken care of. When one goes for an outing, be it to the park or the mall, this is a common sight which can be observed where babies are seen nagging their parents to hold them. The tender touch is one thing it craves for a lot. In the mute world of the child, it can just raise its hand up in the air, not to dance but to be held.

5. Strangers around


It is almost as if the babies are born introverts. However, it is but natural that anybody will feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic in an environment where nobody of our “type” is present. Same is the case with the children. Be it family functions, social gatherings or mere outings to the malls, kids get uneasy with an unfamiliar atmosphere. Since they have nothing else than crying at their disposal, they use it with full force in order to mark their disapproval of the people around, making them feel horribly guilty.

4. Feeling sleepy


What is common between a big-shot corporate leader and a tiny baby? Think no far. It is sleep. Both love to have lots and lots of sleep. However, the latter can easily cry and thus ask for a quick nap in lap while the former is still stuck in the capitalist limbo. The child gets exhausted due to the numerous activities it indulges in throughout the day. Thus, when a child cries, it can be totally gathered that it is sleepy. *yawn*

3. Toys


Be it adults, teenagers or little toddlers, we all deep inside our hearts love toys! As the child steps into the world, the most fascinating world is the parallel world of toys. The glazing plastic or the smooth rubber, the enchanting colours or informative blocks, toys are a child’s first best friend. Even on the streets, one can see a child creating havoc for one special toy that has caught the child’s fancy. Every child has their own favourite toy always with them, even while sleeping. It is hence natural to know that a child cries for toys a lot.

2. Diaper problem


So the babies cannot talk. They need something or the other like humans of all the other ages throughout the span of the day. One of the most basic needs is to go to the loo. Now sure they don’t go to the lavatory on their own. To deal with this, they have diapers. As the kids dirty their diapers, they are bound to feel uneasy. To get rid of that discomfort, the kids cry at the highest pitch of their voice.

1. Hungry


This is the reason for which babies cry the most. We do not need much evidence for this. Be it sitcoms or movies, the scene where the baby is crying and all the people around have an instantaneous reaction that the child must be hungry. Poor kids cannot talk and fully express their wants and needs. But, we all know that a child needs nutrition consistently throughout the day. The amount of work they do in the form of moving here and there, and playing all day long, they need to gain some energy. And when they need that, what do they do? They cry!

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