Top 10 Reasons to Believe in God

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The ‘concept’ of deity has always been an unresolved proposition. His existence is a question that has in its wake raised practices like atheism, agnosticism, pantheism, pragmatism and so on – productions of an era which never ceases to provide variety, no matter what the discipline. None is more falsifiable than the other. It all comes down to an individual’s choice and belief. This belief is in a way a necessity of life, and in a manner paves a major portion of one’s identity in today’s lifestyle, where being able to practice and preach as per one’s wishes is of utmost value.

The perplexing alternatives to having faith in God even make the plain old theists think twice before comfortably settling into the realization that their belief lies in the existence of Almighty. Then why does trust in Him continue to survive?



All of us, no matter if a worshiper or not; all of us have a moment of obscurity in our life where making a decision is too perplexing. Perplexing enough for us to wish it never had to come to that. It is times like these when some of us decide to hand over the reins to God or the Universe or any entity that can somehow relieve us of the duty. We expect a chair to be moved, or in the more subtle cases we hope for a flash of clarity to sweep into us. Hoping for a bigger force to come into play is the sign we are looking for and the reason we believe in Him for. Realizing that the biggest sign that He can send our way is the sound of our inner self is the only way we can ever get the hope fulfilled.



A natural reason to believe in the existence of a higher power is that even today, not every question that comes to mind when we look around ourselves has an answer. The mysteries behind almost all the wonders surrounding us have been unraveled down to a single thread. Yet, the magic of what is unknown continues to survive today. Such enigmas continuously encourage us to wonder if there is indeed a force stronger than ourselves that has shaped everything that exists for us to see.



One of the most common reasons why God is pretty popular – He is the part of yourself that forgives you. When nothing and no one around you can provide the closure that you have been seeking, His gates that reside within you are always open to welcome you. He frees you from the guilt through repentance. A remorse-free life is an idea soothing enough to knock on the gates of God, who absolves all who are willing to seek penance. After all, we dare to believe only because we hope to be forgiven.



When all hope is lost, having faith can harm no one. The lowest point is the one from where things start to get better, and looking at things getting brighter from that point is an experience for which believing is a worthy risk! Belief is not admitted into one’s thoughts because people forget to be practical; they just choose to think that something or someone is looking after them, not only helping them cross the mountains but also guiding quietly when their path is not illuminated. When the road is rough, it is not upon one’s will to believe, but in simple nature to let go and hope.



The world has got a baffling number of means to break your heart. Things rarely go the way we want them to, and when they don’t we let our spirit drop – it’s as easy as that. But what if someone is actually looking out for you? What if someone is ensuring that your path, even though it’s blurry to you at the moment, will get cleared soon? Belief makes you realize that every obstacle is a test God wants you to face. At each low point, instead of breaking down, your faith helps you get up and continue walking, because He is always by you. Being let down by life is easily avoided when you know the bigger picture would be a brighter painting.



IMPROBABILITY and IMPOSSIBILITY have a pretty thick line between themselves. His existence is doubtful, agreed. But to be able to completely dismiss this very notion one requires concrete proof, which till this date has not been collected. Then on what grounds can it be stated that belief is impractical? If all the options are EQUALLY unverifiable, is faith not a wonderful virtue, where one can fall back in His arms instead of falling down? After all, strongly believing that there is nothing to believe in might be misdirected, but is a belief nonetheless.



One of the most prominent proofs that Science came up with was the one of natural selection. It is a mechanism of evolution which claims that nature selects the fittest to survive and allows them to evolve as the environment cannot support an exponential population growth of all the species. In this manner, there are innumerable details which if altered, could have led to a different conclusion. The species around us today could have been wiped off ages ago. Our own race could have been eliminated. Our purpose and our existence are questions that Science could not answer, and believers quench their thirst for this knowledge by trusting that God is an entity that wants them to experience this life in flesh and bones.



When faced with a transfixing situation, which we all are at a point, and the chance of things going your way is non-existent, you do not just give in because the numbers are not in your favor. You dare to hope. You dare to pray to someone who can turn the tables for you. It does not matter what the outcome is. It does not matter whether things ultimately turn out as probability predicted or whether that one in a million occurrences comes in play. For that moment, it is worthy to believe that God, with the power to bring about a miracle, will look after you and to hope that He has a plan for you.



Though religion is defined as belief in the deity, the greatest cause behind why people choose to stay neutral when it comes to believing in the deity is that they consider God and choosing a religion to be the same topic. When you choose to believe in the existence of God, you are not choosing to any religion OR to be a believer of the preaching of only one particular institution. Having faith does not bind you to deliberately pick your choice amongst all the religions and it does not require you to give your God a name, even though they belong in the same box.

1. Power of prayer


One of the most wonderful reasons to believe in God how talking to him can affect your vibes in a very positive manner. Prayer, or communicating with God, is not only religiously a good habit, but also relaxes one’s mind and makes his views clearer to self. You talk about your wishes, your dislikes; you ask for forgiveness, and you wish that your loved ones are looked after by Him. Praying is equivalent to knowing yourself a little better, and it also helps you with relieving yourself from your worries and putting them into His hands.

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