Top 10 Reasons why E-books are better than Paper books

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Technology changes every single day, so does our lifestyle. Modern technology solves problems, creates new opportunities, all for a better tomorrow. Among all the benefits we get from modern technology, E-Book is one idea that changed our lifestyle. In almost all respect they are far better than printed books. E-Books have changed the way we read, the way we develop our knowledge. They brought a revolution in reading. Although a portion of readers are still attached to printed books, emotional attachment being the reason in most cases, E-book have numerous advantages over a printed book. Read below with find out the top 10 benefits of using an e-book.

10. Small and light

10. Small and Light

This one needs no explanation. Portability is a great advantage with e-books. This is the first advantage you will notice, If you compare an e-book with a printed book. No one can forget the pain of carrying heavy school bags, probably the heaviest things that we carried in our childhood days. The print books are big and heavy whereas e-books have no weight! The weight belongs solely to the digital reader. You can always carry a digital reader that can contain thousands of books. In other words, you can always carry your digital library with you. Read anytime, anywhere. No fear of losing the book or physical damage, which is certainly a problem with paper books. An old person may not be able to carry heavy books with him, but he can certainly carry a digital reader with him, always.

9. Searchability

9. Searchability & Engaging

The e-books come with a great variety of features to help the reader. One of the main features of e-book is searchability. One doesn’t need to look for the index as in the back of a printed book. Just type the key word and you are there. The built-in dictionary in a digital reader comes in handy while reading an e-book. Instant searching for words, their meaning, expression and grammar save a great deal of time and keeps you engaged.

8. Versatility

8. Versatility and Reflowable

An e-book carries numerous advantages with it. Versatility and reflowable are two other major advantages.  The e-books are designed in such a way that it can be accessed with many devices, be it a kindle e-book reader, iPod, iPhone, tablet or just a laptop. They come with different digital format such as PDF, EPUB, DJVU, MOBI, etc. While you may be unable to read and understand a foreign language, the digital readers with awesome reading apps make things easy. E-books can be converted from one format to another instantly.

7. No worries about light

7. No worry about light condition

We can’t read a printed book in darkness or less light. Low or less light  is never a problem when reading an e-book. The digital readers are designed to suit the need of an individual’s requirement of light conditions. You can read an e-book with no external light requirement. So no worries during power cuts, once charged, the digital readers run for many days. If you are still not convinced, think of the horrible situation of reading in a candle or burning oil at night due to power cut.

6. Low Cost

6. Low Cost

An e-book cost much less than a printed book. The hard bound books carry the cost of the paper, printing, transportation, distribution, man power, etc. which does not come with an e-book. They are easy to publish and sell. They don’t require a warehouse or shipping. They require no new raw material. The major cost of reading an e-book goes towards purchasing the digital reader. Once you have a digital reader, you can read as many books as possible. One can easily purchase a digital book online and within no time, whereas one need to visit the bookstore to buy a paper book. This saves a great deal of time and money.

5. Eco-friendly


E-books are Eco-friendly. Every year millions of trees are chopped down to meet the paper demands of the printing industry. E-books are purely digital products. They don’t require paper. Once a digital book is prepared, they can be stored for an indefinite period and can be copied any number of times, without any loss. Producing a new copy of printed book requires new papers and other costs associated with the book. The paper demands rise every time a new book is published. Thanks to the recycling technology which helps in reducing the demand for cutting trees.

4. Never out of stock

4. Never out of stock

Out of stock is never a problem with e-books. Imagine a situation when you urgently need a book for academic requirement or some one’s birthday is coming up and you find the book is out of stock. Can you think of anything more irritating? Some times we need to check out a particular earlier edition of a text, and many times we end up finding that it is no more in print. E-books are never  out of stock and they take no time for production and distribution. Getting an updated edition or earlier edition is not a problem with e-books. Many publishers also offer the customers updates and new editions of an e-book they once purchased with very nominal charges or even for free. This option is not there with printed books. You have to pay more every time you buy a new and updated edition of a book.

3. Opportunity for novice writers

3. Opportunity for novice writer

E-books are more than just a book. They bring an ocean of opportunities for young and novice writers. As it happens many publishers don’t accept young writers, they only publish the work of established authors. Publishing an e-book online is a perfect solution for novice writers. Young writers don’t need to run and lobby around the publisher to get their book published and reach the reader. They can publish their work themselves and sell it online. This is a boon for novice writers whose potential is ignored by the publishers. Reaching a larger audience is much easier than ever before.

2. Boon for the physically disabled

2. Boon for physically disabled

Nothing can be worse than the fact that someone can’t read just because he/she is physically disabled. Acquiring knowledge through reading books is one of the best things one can do in a lifetime. The digital reader comes with the latest technology like text to speech converter. An e-book can be read by a blind person in audio form. With e-books, reading is no more a problem for the physical disabled. Even listening to novels instead of studying them is becoming popular day by day among the youth.

1. E-book is a hub of knowledge

1. E-book is a hub of knowledge

An e- book is more than just a book; it’s a hub of knowledge. They come with features like search, hyperlinks and animations that enhance the reading experience. With hyperlink, you can collect vast amounts of data on a topic that is available online. You don’t have to worry if you don’t understand the meaning of a word, the built-in dictionary in your digital reader is there to help you. The built-in audio facility in the digital readers helps in learning the correct pronunciation of the words used in the text. The animations present in the e-books offers a better understanding of the topic, especially in academic books.

There are numerous benefits of an e-book compared to a traditional print book. So next time you think of buying a book, think of choosing an e-book.

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