Top 10 Reasons Why Education is Important

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Education is the most valuable asset to posses, cherish and be benefitted with. Education is a future investment. Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world”. Education is irrespective of age, or any other barriers. A person who only wishes to learn and understand is halfway through the ladder of success.

More than we talk about education, education system remains the buzz word. Education system is as much related to education as fire is to early man. This is where it all started. Being the two faces of the same coin, our education system being flawed or absolutely perfect is totally a different issue; which never overshadows the importance of education. Education instills in us a sense of self-confidence, self-resilience and independence.

So here, we will talk about education and learning. Its importance in an individual’s life and on a  broader level, such as a family, community, society or nation. With the advent of a new era, importance and need of education need not to be justified; but emphasized for the following top 10 reasons:

10. Can’t be Tricked


In the cut throat competition of today, when success means stepping on every friend or foe’s back whenever needed; education plays a very important role. A person less educated is easy to make fool of. Unethical business techniques are adapted to fool and trick people with lower intellect in many ways.

“This lucky charm is made up of the finest stones of the world; it would have been worth a fortune; but just for you we bring it in an affordable price….. just imagine you will climb the ladder of success when you put it on; in no time.” And little did the man know that success was never as easy as wearing a necklace; it requires striving hard. He is deceived for business gains; only if he were educated; he would have used his money in something productive.

09. Beauty Inside


A wise lady once said; “It’s not what you look at; it’s what you see.” Meaning, everybody has a different perspective towards life; but what matters is that we look at the glass half empty or half full. People look for beauty, youth and love. Everything in the world is praised; but educated people are respected. A knowledgeable person is beautiful inside.

An educated individual is like a huge tree, his bag is full of words of wisdom and his pocket full of countless experiences. Robert Frost very intelligently quoted, “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper and self-confidence.” No power in the world can suppress the voice of a wise man.

08. Hygienic Lifestyle


When a mother is educated; she knows what is best for the child. For every educated mother; statistics say, a child has a probability of living after the age of 5. If people are educated then the lifestyle is healthy and hygienic in every aspect; which creates an environment for appropriate development. Also, every family if educated is safe from diseases like AIDS and swine flu which are spreading in our country like bonfire. Where is the solution other than knowledge and awareness? After all, prevention is always better than cure.

07. Builds bridges


A very big problem that India faces today is that of the unequal treatment of people based on caste, creed, religion and gender. We are striving hard to be one united country. But there is no hope till man treats unequal who god created equal. A little awareness and realization can miraculously change this implausible idea to indeed a very palpable reality. And once the bridges are built and human stays human; world certainly will be a better place to live in.

06. Meaningful Life


Since we were kids we have been asked and tested in various classes about the significance and importance of traffic lights. We still remember the red for stop, yellow for get set and green for go. Many lessons of the childhood always stay with us; they make us such incredible social animals that are not capable of harming oneself or others for no reason. They make us sophisticated human beings. Also an educated person never falls for delusion. Victor hugo’s lines are often quoted, “he who opens a school door closes a prison.” After all a child miseducated is lost forever.

05. Face in the crowd


The mob was with Brutus when he spoke against Caesar and the mob stood with Antony when he spoke for Caesar. Education teaches us to be people who think for themselves, who question before believing, who understand the true meaning of things and not just end up being another face in the mob; which can be easily manipulated. He see’s beyond the obvious. Aristotle was right when he said, “Roots of education are bitter; but the fruit is sweet.” When you don’t give, you never get.

 04. A life of Dignity


A person who is educated has a great deal of instinct and thought process when in a problem. A person of wisdom knows the right and the wrong and, rarely does he falls in problem which has no way out. A man of knowledge is very selective and methodical in his approach. His life is properly planned. Though life is adventurous when you don’t know what is just around the corner. But in every man’s life comes a stage; where he is no longer making decisions for himself but people associated with him. With high self esteem and a definite direction to his life; an educated person leads a life of a dignified man.

03. National Growth


Education is a prerequisite for a long term economic growth. No country, ever in the history of world has ever achieved a sustained economic growth with 40% of the population being educated. For every year of additional education; a person’s average income increases by 10%. This translates into 1% annual GDP if astounding quality education is offered to everyone.

The man who does not have enough food to satisfy his own appetite; is responsible to feed his 8 kids, wife and parents back home. Only if this man knew about family planning, or had some skills; he would never had to face such circumstances in his life. To eradicate the menaces like poverty from the world education is must.

02. Technological Advancements


Technology is praised and criticized equally; where it creates possibilities of connecting people miles away, provides cure to many improbable diseases; has made people land on the moon; created every other thing we put use of in our daily lives; it also has made people addicted to it, added to the pollution and by default created people who misuse technology for mass destruction. No matter where we go; everything is an endeavor of man’s great knowledge and his will to do something good for mankind.

01. Career Opportunities


What is the  probability of job when the population is increasing day by day? Manpower, over the years has been replaced by machines. They are efficient and no chances of mistakes. So what gives us an extra edge? Yes, education. To be successful in anything we do; know how is must. Gone are the days; when qualification only meant a school certificate. Today, to be known in your field of work, struggle is very hard and unforgiving. If you are provided with an opportunity to learn and explore; do it, do it now. Life wont give you another chance.

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