Top 10 Reasons We Love Dexter

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Many shows wound up after their series finales this year and one of the shows that said goodbye to its loyal fan base was crime/drama cum thriller, Dexter. The show revolves around Dexter who is a blood splatter expert working in the Miami police. Dexter and his sister Debra who is also in Miami Metro police are the main character. Dexter has is a serial killer who takes his code for killing very seriously while he eliminates the bad apples in the society. With 8 seasons, the show is one of the most loved shows of the last decade. Here are top 10 reasons why people love the show Dexter.

10. It’s different!


One of the core reasons why people love Dexter so much and have been loyal to the show is because it is like none other show that’s been aired on TV. There have been plenty of crime drama or thriller genre based TV shows in the past decade or so but the serial killers were never the good guys, being the blood splatter geek in the police force was never this cool but due to Dexter it looked cool. Rooting for the serial killer didn’t sound morally wrong thing either. Everything about this show was unique and there won’t even be a show like Dexter again.

9. Great title song


The title song or the theme music often gets ignored by the show producers as the audience rarely appreciated the effort that goes into creating the drama via the theme music. Same goes for the title song, many shows like The Big Bang Theory, Homeland and FRIENDS have a great title song which is loved by the fans of those shows. Dexter, too has a pretty good title song. It also tells so much about Dexter the character. He’s a perfectionist, which can be seen in the way he cooks his steak or the perfect omelette that he makes. Dexter fans would agree that the excitement of a new episode kicks in when he kills that mosquito at the very beginning of the title song.

8. Dexter-Deb relationship


Seldom will you find a pair of sibling which has a more unique relationship that Dexter and Debra have in the show. Debra is a foul mouthed daredevil police officer while Dexter is a quite, yet, mysterious blood splatter guy at the forensics department. They both are very different but they both understand each other so much. Dexter is a caring brother to Deb and even though she acts like a punk ass police officer to the outside world she is just as caring towards Dexter. Over the seasons, their relationship grows many layers and come out as an important factor in the shaping of the series.

7. Awesome cast


No show is successful without a great set of cast and crew. With Dexter, it is one of the most important factors in the success of the show. Besides Dexter and Debra played by Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter respectively, other characters such as Maria LaGuerta played by Laurent Velez, James Doakes played by Erik King or even Vince Masuka played by C. S. Lee leaves an impression on you and every character has a strong identity. The actors too, have made justice to their characters and played them with an elegance that leaves the viewer in awe.

6. Two faced nature


The main reason viewers loved Dexter the serial killer so much is because he was just like them. Not from the serial killer point of view but from having to hide the real you and projecting a different yourself in front of others. In reality, most people are two faced, which may not mean in a bad way necessarily. Dexter hides his true self as he thinks that people outside may not understand him and that will eventually hurt him. This is how most people think with respect to the fear of hurting others or being hurt. People connected to Dexter immediately because he was different but still so much like them.

5. Terrifying Villains


As much as people loved Dexter killing the not-so-innocent people, they also got frightened by various villains that Dexter eventually managed to kill. You can debate for hours as to who was the greatest villain to have appeared in the show, some might vouch for the Trinity Killer aka Arthur Mitchell who killed over 200 people before Dexter made him victim, while some would be adamant that the Ice Truck Killer aka Brian Moser who was also Dexter’s biological brother was the villain that troubles Dexter the most. Point being, every season had a great villain who people loved to hate and couldn’t wait for Dexter to kill him.

4. Monologue


Throughout the show Dexter projects two sides of him, one of it is for the outside world and one which he keeps it to himself. When his latter side is coming out, he often talks to himself and interacts with the viewers through a monologue. In a way, this monologue is what makes the show different and stand out amongst the rest. Often witty and curious side of Dexter comes out if these monologues and this adds another dimension to his character not to forget, with the background music humming in the background, it just makes already intense show, more intense!

3. Great chemistry


One of the many aspects that one realizes after they have completed watching the whole of Dexter is how well the characters have grown from season 1 to season 8. Not only have the characters grown individually but they have also done it in terms of their group chemistry. You can guess that when Masuka is in a scene he will try and crack a cheap signature joke of his. A significant change can be seen in the atmosphere in the Miami Police office which is far more conserved in the first couple seasons but as they go on, they characters become easy to gel with. Dare we say it, you almost feel like they’re some sort of family towards the end seasons!

2. Writing


Seldom do shows survive for 8 seasons without having a great writing team behind the success of it. The show is based on the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay but the show’s other writers like James Manos, Scott Buck, Tim Schlattmann and few more deserve the credit tweaking the book to cater the TV audience so perfectly. From given every character a meaningful background to developing the villains, they have achieved everything (well, maybe not everything as the series finale was badly received)

1. The good guy always gets the last laugh


Dexter is a serial killer, he is also a super hero type figure and despite killing them all, he is the good guy. Realistically, all this doesn’t add up but since Dexter only goes by the code taught by his father, Harry he manages to do it all and gets the last laugh. With the code with him people rooting for the serial killer doesn’t sound morally wrong either. Happy endings aren’t uncommon but in Dexter the good guy always manages to kill the bad guy with hook or by crook.

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