Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking Today

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Almost everyone out there has had their experience of smoking their first cigarette. Be it out of peer pressure, or a bet among friends or even a routine affair for those who are now habitual of puffing away their worries in air… smoking begins with an inquisitiveness, continues with enjoyment, moves on to become a habit and culminates into becoming an addiction. Smoking is injurious to health and the leading cause of many diseases and cancers. Every year numerous people lose their lives because of  their addiction to cigarettes. Hence, the  government has taken the initiative to bring out the law to make all consumers aware about the ills of smoking. It is hence, better to quit this habit before it overpowers our senses by making itself an indispensable part of our lives. It does more harm that good, so here are the Top 10 Reasons To Quit Smoking Today:


10. Bid Farewell to Cancer Risk

save yourself cancer risk

As is very clear from the warning on cigarette packs as well as from the warning that flashes at the beginning of every movie – cigarette smoking causes mouth cancer. We have all come across various statistics to prove this fact across the table but the most stunning one I have ever come across is by World Health Organization- smoking, this century could cause deaths of around a billion people. This is equivalent to the number of people who would die if a Titanic ship would drown every 24 minutes for next 100 years! Quitting smoking would not only save so many lives but also greatly reduce the risk of mouth cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, heart diseases and degeneration of the brain!

9. Sweet Dreams

have sweet dreams

It has been medically proved that those who smoke suffer from insomnia besides being in extremely depressed state of mind. A non-smoker has a better immunity which is directly linked to ample rest, adequate sleep and healthy mind. Quitting cigarettes will not only relieve you of stress but also give you a healthy lifestyle. You can simply have enough sleep and drive away your worries for a better tomorrow.


8. Quit Smoking for the Perfect Smile

quit smoking for a healthy smile

Ever noticed chain smokers… they tend to have dark and unhealthy lips along with rotten teeth. Besides, smoking is the leading cause of bad breath and unhealthy oral hygiene. Bidding goodbye to cigarettes will give you a happy smile and perfect oral hygiene. It will also reduce occurrences of bad breath and keep your lips and gums healthy.


7. Care About the Future to Come

save future

The one who smokes must remember that he/ she is not bearing the consequences of their actions alone but making everyone around him suffer for his wrongdoings. Just by inhaling the smoke of cigarettes, a person send invitation to many problems! Smoking poses huge risk to the health of the pregnant mothers and her unborn children. A recent study also says that pregnant ladies who smoke bear a great risk of suffering from miscarriage.


6. For The Sake Of Those Tresses

for the sake of those tresses

There is a long list of what smoking snatches away from you. One among that list is baldness or commonly known as hair loss. scientific study points out that besides hereditary reasons, hair loss can be caused by excessive smoking and is more prevalent in those who smoke over 20 cigarettes a day. Smoking will not only make you an unwanted companion who hate the very smell of the smoke but also make you undesirable for the ugliness you invite by becoming bald. So, as long as you want to protect your youth and those lovely tresses, quitting smoking is very advisable.


5. Take the controls in your hand

take cntrols in your hand

When life seems to be slipping put from between the fingers and one loses track of everything happening to him or her, it is easy to get caught in the trap of addiction to drinking or smoking. But it is important to understand that this addiction will not give any strength but make situations worse. So, it is important to understand the consequences before taking that first puff. It is better to put up a brave front in every adverse situation and emerge victorious without surrendering to any form of addiction.


4. Empty Purse is a Heavy Curse

empty purse is heavu curse

Every year people across the globe spend a fine share of their fortunes in satisfying their addictions. Smokers might act miserly in other front but don’t hesitate when splurging on cigarettes. Moreover, later they are made to spend even a larger part of their wealth on treatment for various diseases and ailments that smoking brings for them uninvited because smoking by then, already become a bad habit hard to get rid of. But, pause for a moment and calculate, how much would a smoker save over the years by not buying cigarette packs and hence not paying any of the government levied taxes on them, if he quit smoking… and the figures could be motivating enough to get the message right into the heads!


3. Breathe Clean Air

breathe clean air

Those puffs of smoke endanger your lungs beyond repair. You might have clean habits but you provide a free access to dirty air, full of germs when you inhale the cigarette smoke. We may feel free to do any harm to our own lives but the fact remains that we live in a society and have a responsibility towards others too. Smoking not only causes various health problems for the smoker, but also renders the environment dirty with polluted air to breathe. A non-smoker also shares the burden of many diseases just by inhaling the smoke from a cigarette. Hence, the whole argument boils down to saving health and lives, not just ours but also everyone else’s.


2. Save yourself from the risk of Impotence

risk of impotence

Research studies say that smoking poses risk of impotence. Men who smoke more (and excessively) face more chances of having impotence issues than their non- smoking counterparts. Also, those who quit smoking have registered a healthier life in bed and otherwise. Let us not forget, whether popular or not, smoking is seldom seen as an appreciable habit in any family and is usually condemned in the society. So, if you quit smoking, you will not only gain support of your loving partner or spouse, but also earn the love and support of your near and dear ones.


1. for a longer life

for longer life

Cigarette not only eats away your health and youth but also your brain power. Studies reveal the connection between addictive smoking and an incurable brain ailment called Alzheimer’s Disease, which causes forgetfulness and decline of mental acumen. As you could have figured out by now, quitting smoking will save you from diseases and offer you a healthy and long life. Every cigarette that you smoke, snatches away a few minutes of your life from you. Let us not forget that life is a precious gift and a golden opportunity. So, quit smoking and welcome a happy and healthy life!

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