Top 10 Reasons to be a Social Networking Enthusiast

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Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, is now a web which has trapped our lives completely. All of these social networking facilities have day by day made us all so centered and addicted to them that we cannot escape them. Certainly with every whim comes criticism, and these social networking tools, ever since the beginning has been severely criticized and it does have its share of negativeness. But, there are also many plus points that social networking has. If you are a social networking enthusiast, you certainly are not addicted to anything bad. There are many things good about being an active social networks user. Below is a list of Ten Reasons to be a Social Networking Enthusiast

10. It is vast


The vastness of social networking is one primary reason to be an active participant in it. The platform it provides one with is extremely vast. There is a lot one can do with social network. For instance, Facebook comes with myriad facilities like, share, tag, like, comment, chat, message, poke, friends, mutual friends, privacy settings, customization etc that ensures almost every person’s social needs are fulfilled also considering their personal privacy concerns. Also, websites like Twitter provides one with the options like follow and tweet that allows them to express every little bit of life and also be a part of every bit of the lives of people they admire. Moreover, Watsapp one of the most recent social networking tools allow one to be 24×7 connected to their people. This vastness of its facilities, faculties, exposure, uses and advantages paves for reasons that someone should be a social networking enthusiast.

9. Develops Social Personality

Develops Social Personality

These platforms are a big boon for all those people who are otherwise shy and introvert. Here we have the advantage to say what we want and do what we like and thus express ourselves in a manner without actually physically being there. Also, when we get to talk to so many people, including friends, relatives, professional – colleagues, supervisors, seniors, old acquaintances, family, partner, etc we ultimately get communicably efficient and able. Our social personality thus develops as we are in touch with many people at one go, that is otherwise impossible. There is a hidden grooming in form of making us a more social and socially acceptable person that social media provides us with and therefore being a social networking enthusiast is a good thing.

8. Social Identity

social identity

These tools help us build a social identity. This is the individual profile that we create. Our profiles on these tools are something that allows us to freely express what we are. We can add our pictures, achievements, our friends’ pictures, we can talk to people, connect, add personal information and do a lot more. All of this gives us a very individualistic platform where we can establish an identity of ourselves, through which the world can know us better. We get this uniquely vast platform where we can fully express, expose and present ourselves, and thus establish a unique, individual and distinct social identity in a large herd, which ensures being a social networking enthusiast isn’t a bad things.

7. New Contacts/ Friends

new contacts or friends

Using social networking tools provide us a platform that exposes us to the whole world at once. We are freely given access to contact and connect with new people all across the world. This power and opportunity if used positively can surely help us build many new and healthy relationships, consequently making for the idea of being a social networking enthusiast.

6. Exposure


Social networking also allows us to be socially and politically aware. The latest news form business, economic, entertainment, politics, social, industrial and almost every other sector is instantly available on social networking sites. They flow immediately and they can be shared and speared across. In this way it keeps its users aware and updated, and that too very instantly and correctly. It is one way to be updated with the current affairs without really putting in efforts to sit and switch on the T.V or Radio or even read through the newspaper, which is very conveniently in favor of the modern day lifestyle. So, being a social networking enthusiast is also something that keeps us aware in the perfect way as per the contemporary times.

5. Professionally beneficial

professionally beneficial

These tools also provide us the benefit to add our educational qualifications, work experience, achievements on our profile. Share our achievements online. And in this way our profiles can be professionally enhanced. Sites like LinkedIn and Google Plus allows us to make completely professional social networking profiles. In this way too being an enthusiastic social networking user is advantageous.

4. Follow/ Followers

follow or followers

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also provide us with an option to follow others and gain followers for ourself. This for celebrities and public figures serves as a good platform since it helps their fans connect better and know them closely, like the all want, and commoners to allow their talent to flourish and thus gain followers and establish their self worth.

3. Opportunities


Social Networks also offer a lot of opportunity, if not, exposure. There are Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Google plus facilities, Tweets and Blogs that allow us to get in touch with and be aware of millions of new opportunities, professional, contests and job openings on a daily basis. There are options like share and tag that also allows us to be socially useful by letting other too know of the opportunities we come across. This therefore makes for one more reason why being a social networking enthusiast is essentially healthy.

2.  Express yourself


Social networks also provide a brilliant platform to express ourselves, and this arena to express is not limited. We can not only express our emotions but also in many ways show the world our talent, and present our opinions. Our opinions can be posted and presented on the various platforms, like social blogs, political blogs, contests and NGOs that operate through social networking sites. We can similarly express our talent by participating in online contests and sharing them and tagging our friends and so on. Also our Facebook wall, Twitter Tweets, allow us to tell the world what we feel, what we do, what we did etc. For every human being expression matters a lot. After all it is expressing ourselves and letting people understand us, establishes an identity is what we all want. Therefore, social networking sites also carter to this basic human need, making it a good thing to be a social networking enthusiast.

1. Connectivity


The basic purpose of these social tools is the most significant reason that you use them. The immense connectivity it provides us with is wonderful. In the era of globalization, social networking is one of the greatest gifts it has endowed us with. Social networks help us connect across the world with people within a few clicks in a few seconds, and efficiently allows us to communicate with them. Old friends, relatives and family are not the limit. Social networking tools allow us to build up new relationships and also enhance our professional connectivity. This is the major advantage for being a social networking enthusiast.

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