Top 10 Reasons for the Success of Youtube

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You tube has become the platform for sharing of videos anytime, anywhere to any part of the  world with a single click. Your new hair style to Obama’s speech all come down to a common platform and the viewer gets to decide what hits the top of the list and which one gets 0 views. It is no more the world of hand to hand information broadcasting rather sharing through this website which showcases and acts as a television where each viewer is a star in himself. Success of such a huge company hasn’t come through sheer luck but a huge amount of dedication, planning and understanding of the product and the users demand. Youtube is a person’s video to the world, the showcase where each incident is caught on camera for the world to become its witness and decide the result by liking or disliking it.



You tube doesn’t believing in selling its data, information and knowledge. It is a free platform where each person from different age group to different kinds can come up free of cost to share their ideas and episodes with the world. No more they have to pay for heavy subscription plans like those in a television. You no more need to have balance in your account to let your mother see your first hand on cooking. This platform is free of cost and open to all kinds of views and covers all kinds of topics in the frame possible. Now every person can showcase their share of moments for free without bringing money, class, creed or status in between.



Youtube is sponsored by google, where google is in itself has become a legacy. The standards google has provided in terms of security, privacy and privileges the population has trusted the source blindly. When you tube came into existence, google made people believe in its genuinity. It now provides wide search and also security to unwanted spams and threats, hence loading a video on youtube is often considered safer than any other platform due to its high level security system of threat detection.



You do not have to anymore wait for the repeat telecast of a serial or wait for your relatives to come back from holiday to see the bungy jump. You can just search the uploaded videos and check as many videos which have been shared from a second before to years back. It has reduced the hassle and increased the speed by leaps and bounds. Now your connectivity, privacy and sharing is your own right as well as freedom. Keeping in mind the hectic life where we don’t have time for ourselves, youtube gives us a chance to laugh by watching comedy shows, get scared by watching a scary movie, travel a tourist place through the window of our laptops and also cook seeing a cookery show.



Youtube has become a huge success for it played on the nerves of the users, helping him save time, energy and effort hence is the most feasible concept of the new generation. Individual sharing of videos through pendrive had always been a curse seeing the waste of time and effort. Though since youtube has come into existence sharing is under a common cloud, you can share a video with the entire world or choose the users with the privacy tab and allow only those whom you trust. This makes views more transparent and easy to convey in the form of comments or likes or dislikes.



How far do you think you can go to make the best dish for tonight’s dinner? Well Masterchief Australia may just be a start, or did you miss the first walk of your niece? It might be on youtube even before she had her first fall. From a phone call to photos, youtube brought to us a practical sharing method through which every moment is captured as a treasury by the system. That is how fast, convenient and expanded this platform is where you can learn stuff from people in any other part of the world whereas be updated through not only photos but videos to connect and go through live performances.



While you tube became a success, it also became a user friendly experience for everyone to view videos through youtube than any other website. The fortes were its tie up with youtube, google is considered to be the default search page in many systems hence searching for a video from google provided youtube as a destination. This not only boomed up the popularity of this website but also made it the only attraction to the simple and wanted user. If the next time your computer or phone hangs up you do not have to go to the service station, rather you can learn the steps from a video where each step shall be demonstrated animatedly.



Now with the invent of youtube the use of pen-drives, cameras delivery or sharing has reduced. It has come as a time saver machine to those who wish to access views at their own terms and conditions. The videos loaded can be searched and viewed again, this saves task complexity and also gives us a chance to enjoy our favorite program . This not only makes us focus on the task in hand but also makes us updated to any current issues missed, while its a time savor it might also become a huge source of time pass during a lazy day in the bed.



Each youtube account is accessed through a gmail or youtube account. This account is constantly reviewed by the google team with options to other users of reporting spam and fake user ids.Google software is considered to be the fastest and safest, helping youtube connect in the easiest way. There are subscribers for various topics, shows and events so that the viewer isn’t left from viewing any of his important shows or programs.



Youtube is a source through which only by the use of internet and time you can reach a huge group of audience within seconds, such is the power of this idea.The starter of ‘Last Minute’, Mr. Varun Agarwal decided to upload all his videos on youtube one fine day and let his hard work be showcased across the globe. With time and pace, his videos started reaching different regions and soon gained properly so much so that he was offered an internship with the leading media firm and also went on to direct an ad film with Mr.A.R. Rehman and Mrs. Preity Zinta.



Do you have a favorite show series on tv? Almost everyone does. You tube came with a concept of making channels where the viewer could view the entire series of shows from the very first season till the last at the click of a button. These channels work under the broadcasters or personal users who load the programs of each and everyday, hence making the user access them at the ease of time and limit. The viewer doesn’t have to ask his/her neighbor for what took place in the show today rather they can easily watch the entire episode on youtube.

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