Top 10 Simple Ways To Live a Longer and Healthier Life

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Top Ten Simple Ways To Live a Longer and Healthier Life

Everyone wants to stay healthy throughout his life. If a person tends to stay healthy throughout his life then if even live more as compared to the people who are unhealthy. If you are healthy enough then you will be able to do each of your work much efficiently. To keep yourself healthy you need to take care of yourself. So here we have the list of top ten ways to live longer and healthy life.

10. Don’t overeat


If you want to live long then you should avoid the habit of overeating. This habit of overeating is very dangerous as it causes many disorders like uncontrollable body weight and high cholesterol. So you meals should be controlled to keep you healthy

9. Keep yourself busy


Keeping busy is a good way to improve your health. You can keep yourself busy in anything you like as sitting idle can have negative impact on your health. Sexual activity is also a necessary part of human life. You can increase you life span up to three years if you do at least two to three times sex in a week.  Other activities like running and jogging can also help you in enhancing your health. You can even play games like table tennis, badminton and football to keep yourself busy.

8.  Injuries should be avoided


There are injuries which can lead to death so you should avoid getting injured. You should keep yourself away from sharp and unsafe things. Proper shoes should be selected so as to avoid injuries while you walk.  If you have an injury then you should immediately go to a doctor for treatment and rehabilitation.

7. Beware of cancer


Almost each year around 4000 people die because of cancer. There are many things which can lead to cancer. Smoking is the major habit which can lead to cancer. The people who are overweight are also prone to cancer. Your diet should be healthy and alcohol should be in control. Also you should get yourself injected with the HPV vaccination as they help in the prevention of cancer. You should also protect yourself from sun. Exposure to sun can also lead to skin cancer so you should make use of an effective sun protection.

6. Regular check-ups

Regular check ups

Regular check ups

People should go for regular checkups. These regular checkups are quite helpful in eliminating diseases at an early age. At least once in six months you should get yourself checked. These proper checkups not just help you in catching disease at an early age but will also help you in improving your health. You should follow all the advices given by the doctor properly. This technique will add at least three more years to your life.

5. Body weight is to be checked

check weight

If you are not over weight then this can save you from a large number of diseases. A controlled weight will not just save you from diseases but will also make you look smarter. You can do extra workout which will burn your calories. Keep a check on what you eat. You should not eat food which has a high fat content and even if you eat a high fat content food then you should do proper workout to nullify the effect of fat content. You can eat things like pineapples which is a good fat cutter and cuts out the excessive fat.

4.  Avoid alcohol


Alcohol is harmful to the body and deadly if taken quite often. The intake of alcohol can contribute to a large number of diseases like liver disease, malnutrition, mental disorder, cancer, respiratory problems, diabetes, cognitive impairment, cardiovascular disease, obesity and many more. People who are under the age of 18 should strictly say no to alcohol. For pregnant women consumption of alcohol can be poisonous. People, who drink alcohol regularly, should keep a control on the quantity of alcohol because alcohol after a certain limit could be lethal for them.

3. Keep yourself away from mental diseases


Physical health is directly related to mental health. If someone is mentally strong then he can keep a good care of his physical health. There are many people who suffer from mental problems like anxiety and depression. You should always be optimistic. According to a research it has proven that people who tend to be optimistic suffer less from mental diseases. Parents should take a better care of their children’s mental health. Often children tend to suffer from mental diseases so parents should always support their children. Also you should have a proper diet and sleep. Both the things are very necessary for correct functioning of your brain. Correct meal at proper timing is required and one should sleep at least 6 hours a day.

2. Take a good care of you heart


The most important and crucial part of your body is heart. The working of heart should be proper since heart is the central part of your body. As we all know that smoking is injurious to our health so if you are addicted to smoking then you should quit smoking. The smoke affects the lungs and hence the heart so you should avoid smoking.  You should keep a check upon your cholesterol. Proper diet should be taken to keep your cholesterol in control. Consumption of fruits, vegetables and wholegrain food can help you in controlling your cholesterol. Diabetes and blood pressure also affect the working of heart as they can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

1.Regular exercise


Physical workout has been always helpful in preventing many diseases like back pain, heart disease and diabetes. Workout can also help the patient in curing dangerous disease like cancer. Also it maintains our mental health and keeps us away from depression. There are many ways to encompass workout in your daily schedule. You do not need to put much of your effort in workout. Just devote an hour a day on exercise. Exercises like walking, running and aerobics are quite helpful in keeping you fit. Sports like netball, basketball and tennis can also be included in your daily routine as a part of workout. Your weight should be balanced because an unbalanced weight is more prone to osteoporosis.

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