Top 10 Stupid things Teenagers do

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The adolescent stage is the hardest stage to understand. Teenagers are the most confused human beings. They are counted as children but they don’t want to be counted as one, they want to be like adults but they are not considered one. These confused beings often do things to prove that they are grown-ups, which ultimately prove to be very stupid and dangerous than mature. And sometimes they do things just to take out their frustration on elders while sometimes they do them just to be cool which proves to be far more stupid. This has been the trend with teenagers since forever. Teenagers all over the world have been made in a way to attract trouble and then some more trouble. It’s as if they go and find a large “trouble pit” to fall into, and if they can’t find one they make one. Here are some things the modern-day teenagers are doing.


10. Car Surfing


Car surfing is a trend among teenagers that began in the 1980s. In this unique so-called sport a person climbs on the top of a car while a friend is driving the car. It’s a craze among teenagers as it induces adrenaline rush. But what they don’t understand is that with the high, also come life threatening situations. There is the risk of head injuries if you fall, which is most likely. Deaths of 100 people have been reported since 1990. This sport is not just stupid but also quite dangerous.

9. Drinking Hand Sanitizer


Teenagers know they are not allowed to drink, but some do. When they are prohibited to do something they do exactly that, sometimes two times more dangerous. Like drinking hand sanitizer. They make a cocktail of hand sanitizer and mouthwash; both have a considerably high content of alcohol. Drinking sanitizer can cause blindness, memory loss and many more such things. The mixture of sanitizer and mouthwash does give them a high, but is also responsible for aggravation. Therefore this activity is not only stupid and dumb but also greatly harmful.

8. Choking Games


These games literally prove that teenagers are crazy and their crazy ways, if not monitored, can prove fatal for others. These games include choking somebody using belt or just bare hands (just for a high you know). These games now-a-days are known as space monkey or space cowboy. Other names given to this game are blackout, flat lining or airplaning. These games produce high risk of brain damage or death. Excessive choking can lead to lack of oxygen in human system (including brain) which result into the above two consequences.

7. Vodka Eyeballing


As if drinking vodka and tequila were not enough (and that too when it’s prohibited for them), these teenagers do not want to stop here. They have invented new ways of enjoying drinks. They take vodka shots through their eyes. The alcohol directly affects the brain in this case as it comes in direct contact with the nerves (connecting the eye and the brain).  It gives them an intense burning sensation. The side effects include temporary blindness, permanent scarring and permanent impaired vision.

6. Sexting


Texting is a common trait found in today’s generation. If you have a teenager, you will definitely have to bear with his/her texting habit (mind it, it’s not habit for them, it’s the new culture, new trend). But for some teenagers just talking via text, exchanging cool, friendly messages is not enough so they take one more step and send each other naked pictures. This trend is mostly famous among teenage girls. Sexting does not do any physical harm to anybody, it aims psychologically. If anything goes wrong, which is bound to happen, the impact on these teenagers is beyond measurable. Some states have banned this activity and call it child pornography, which is punishable.

5. Paragraph Tattoo


Tattoos are the most fashionable trend in today’s world. Even celebrities buy the idea of tattoo all over their body. But tattoos can sometimes go wrong, like tattooing the name of your current partner who may (or may not) soon become your ex. But little tattoo errors could be hidden or removed. In the case of teenagers, small meaningful tattoo is not enough. They somehow feel the need of writing down their feelings and show them off to the entire world in the form of paragraph tattoo. These tattoos are huge and sometimes ugly and disgusting. They will become even nastier looking when you grow old. Moreover they are almost impossible to hide or remove like any other tattoo. The idea of paragraph tattoo sounds stupid, but a paragraph tattoo looks stupider.

4. Vampiring


The old generations were always afraid of the cold ones. They wrote horror books about them, they made horror movies about them. The stories about Dracula were told to scare children to sleep. Today’s generation, on the contrary, is not so scared of these cold ones known as vampires. In fact, they adore them. They love the idea of having vampires around them, shining like diamonds, or even be a vampire. Some cool hips have even invented a way of doing so. They bite the fellow teenagers on their necks, so hard that blood comes out. This is a way of their living their fantasy of being a vampire. As much as this stupid ritual is frightening, it can also be a source of spreading infections and diseases (some of them can be serious like STDs). It also leaves permanent scars on the victim (they don’t actually get to drink the blood of a vampire to heal them).

3. The Justin Beiber Mania


There are many more. These teenagers like music and singers who have no actual talents and whose music is nothing but edited sounds. The teenage population adores the teenage pop stars; they idealize them although the only talent in them is there looks, and sometimes not even that. They hear loud music and make the neighbors hear it too. Well, this has been the trend with teenagers since many years now.

2. Stunt Mania


They love pop stars and they love bikes. These troublemakers are not permitted to drive because they are too amateur to do so, but from their point of they are not. So they sneak out the vehicles to prove themselves right (maybe in their own sight). As if non-permitted driving is not enough for them, they like to perform stunts; stunts that are very dangerous and pointless. Take for example stoppie and wheelie. They are simply fatal.  A bad fall and all is gone.

1. Meaningless Challenges


People like entertainment, so do teenagers. Entertainment, in terms of teenage language is much more than watching movies, listening to music, going for a trip. It also means experimenting with themselves and others. To entertain themselves they give and take mind boggling stupid challenges. For instance take the gallon challenge. It includes drinking a gallon of milk in 60 seconds. The other one is the salt and ice challenge in which the contender has to put some salt and ice above his wrist and lick it. The ice after sometimes gets stuck on the hand which is not easy to remove. These challenges are stupid, meaningless and absurd. Some teenagers don’t realize they are bullying people on the pretext of challenging them.

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