Top 10 Things we wish we were Taught in School

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School is an integral part of our upbringing. As a child just begins to speak and walk he is enrolled with an institution that decides the future coarse of his thinking ability. Undoubtedly, a school teaches us hundreds of things. There is no 2 ways about it that it extracts out a child’s potential and prepares him for for his future battles. But on a personal front, there are still so many things that we just don’t know how to handle even after the school. As adults, we are surrounded by numerous problems which seem impossible to deal with. At times like this, I wish that  it would have been better if my school would have properly taught me how to deal with this. Sadly, schools have a pre-determined syllabus to follow that focuses on the commercial aspects largely. I wish if they could modify the syllabus and include some of the things which every adult finds it difficult to tackle. The following are the top 10 things which we wish they could start teaching us in schools.


10. Get along with in-laws.


I am sure 90% of the couples out there suffer from “in laws phobia”. It is a common thing that the couple finds it next to impossible to get along with their in-laws. No matter what you try, it is just not possible to please them. This cold war is much more intensified between a woman and her mother in-law. There is no solution to this problem as per hundreds of married women. It just makes me wonder, would not it be better if in school they could share some tips on how to deal with your in-laws. How to impress your loved ones parents to get a yes nod from them?? The married life would have been stress free considerably if only we knew how to get along with the in-laws.


9. Understanding your girl friend.


Every man on this Earth accepts unanimously that the most complex being on this planet is a woman. It is a mystery for every man to know what a woman wants to hear or is expecting from them. Various surveys conducted have shown that during a fight, the guy most of the times does not even know what exactly made his girlfriend or wife angry. I am sure love relationships would be truly blissful if only the guy know what to say, how to say and when to say. It will be better if schools start a crash course on “keeping a girlfriend happy”. This way they will be able to understand a woman better and thus will be able to maintain a peaceful and happy relationship.


8. Clearing an interview.


The most critical problem for today’s generation is to bag a good job. The schools, colleges and all the professional institutes teach us everything about the degree but all fail to teach a student how to go about with an interview. When it is about giving an interview, everything- from your body language to your presentation, all are keenly observed and rated. If an individual gets all the training, the do’s and don’ts of an interview, at the school itself, getting a job will be very easy for them. The schools should also teach about writing a correct resume. Your resume decides everything about your interview. We wish we could get all this training before we move out on a job hunt.


7.  Respecting elders.


We have come closer to the world with internet and satellite television. Sitting at home we can see what is going on in the other country or hemisphere. But we have come far away from our own people. As we start enjoying our youth, we forget about all those people around who have done so many things for us. Be it our grandparents or parents or simply old neighbors, as they attain old age, a lot of people start ill treating them. Its painful to see old people abandoned in Home for the Aged to die a solitary death. I wish the schools could teach how to take care of these old ones. If only schools could teach how to respect our elders, the world be a better place to live in.


6. Impressing your boss.


Well if you thin, clearing an interview is all you need to do to ensure a fruitful future, then you are absolutely wrong. Your boss holds the strings of your professional life. His approval can make you or break you. It is therefore very important for an aspirant to be in the good books of his boss. But it is not that easy to impress your boss. A boss is one of the most trickiest people you will ever see. Thus, I am sure most of the employees out there are always pondering over new techniques to impress their master. I wish they could do this in schools, office life would be a lot easier. There should be a subject whih c talks about different kinds of bosses and way to deal with them.


5. Dealing with stress.


Life is very fast paced. We have to do so many things right from the moment we wake up. Finish the chores, go to work, handle the clients, listen to the boss, travel, mess with the crowd etc. Adding to this, we have so much to plan about our expenses,  car and home EMI etc. All these have made our lives very stressful. Having headaches, loss of appetite, being irritated etc all show that you have stress. Though the term sounds very simple, dealing with stress is a very difficult thing. I wish they could teach us in school how to deal with stress.


4. Basic Self Defense.


This is particularly important for women. With the incidences of rape, murder, robbery on the rise, it seems logical to think that women should be given basic self defense training. I wish this could be done in schools right from the very start. It is better if girls are trained in self defense, so that they are safe and sound.


3. Overcoming break up.


No matter how mature we get, it is never easy to overcome a breakup. People often get indulged with wrong activities in the name of overcoming a breakup. These activities involve excessive smoking, drinking, doping etc. Hence, it is better if they start teaching in school various strategies that help in overcoming a heart break.


2. Sense of humor.


In order to make an impact with your presence, a good sense of humor is very important. It helps you win people over. Sadly most of the people are not blessed with a wise sense of humor and they surely feel the lack of it. Hence, I wish they could provide some lessons in schools that help an individual develop a good sense of humor. Life will be easier if you laughing it out.


1. Money management.


Saving money may not be the ultimate goal but it is definitely one of the most important aspect of every day living in this world. In order to save money you need to manage your expenses wisely. People always find themselves falling short of money towards the end of the month. At times like this all we can say is, it would have been better if we could learn money management in our schools. This would have made our life much more easier.

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