Top 10 Timekeeping Software for Tracking Employee Attendance

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Top 10 Timekeeping Software for Tracking Employee Attendance

Accurate timekeeping is one of the bases of productivity for employees in many small or large businesses. Manual timekeeping can be a daunting task, especially if you have many employees to monitor because you are part of a big organization or company. However, the task of keeping track of your employees attendance need not be difficult for you. Fortunately, there are different timekeeping software available in the web today which you could use for this job.

Below is a list of our top ten timekeeping software choices based on features and usability:

10. Klok


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Klok is a simple application designed for nothing else but time tracking. It does its job well and has no project limits, which means that you can use it for as long as you like. It has also a simple interface and all its recorded data can be exported to Excel.


9. Invoicera


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Invoicera is a premium Web-based timekeeping application that features a stopwatch-style timekeeping. It can monitor the time spent by employees on certain projects. Apart from its timekeeping capabilities, this program also has a built-in invoicing, expense logging and task list tools. It can seamlessly integrate with BaseCamp, as well as, with payment gateways such as PayPal. This software is considered one of the best.


8. Toggl


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Toggl has many similar functions with Invoicera, such as its stopwatch timekeeping feature and invoicing tools. One of its advantages is its capability of integrating not only with Basecamp, but also with QuickBooks. Its data can also be exported to Excel. Although it is Web-based, it has desktop widgets for mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Toggl is a time keeping software ideal for employees who are timed on a per-task or per-project basis. It is a very easy to use program. Once a task is started, you can simply click on it and then click again once the task is complete.


7. Harvest


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Harvest is a feature-rich application that does stopwatch or timesheet time keeping. The data recorded can be exported to QuickBooks, Excel or Google Docs. It can also integrate with popular business applications such as Basecamp, High-rise and QuickBooks.

Harvest is accessible through the Web and has widgets for desktop computers and the iPhone. One of its prominent features is enabling you to log time by sending SMS or a direct message from Twitter to your phone.

Many people consider this time keeping software powerful and efficient.


6. TimeCard Manager


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TimeCard Manager is an application that is suitable for small businesses with up to 20 employees. It replaces mechanical time clocks and automatically provides reports on employee hours worked and calculated earnings. This application can be installed in a single computer or in a network. Using this application, you can easily manage timekeeping and the payroll of your employees.


5. FreshBooks


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FreshBooks is a popular accounting program with timekeeping features. It can record time through stopwatch or a timesheet. It also comes with comprehensive features for invoicing and expense tracking. It has an API that allows the software to integrate with other programs like Salesforce, Basecamp and MailChimp. This application is highly customizable. You ill certainly find this program of great value.


4. TimeClick


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With 18 reporting options, TimeClick is one of the timekeeping applications that allow you to generate different kinds of reports. With this application, employees can simply clock in or out using any computer in the network. It also lets you set up an admin area where you can remotely manage the time logged by each employee.


3. Time Clock MTS


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With Time Clock MTS, you can turn an employees’ Windows computer into a time clock station. It eliminates buddy punching, allowing a more accurate timekeeping for payroll. Using this application, your payroll staff will not have to manually tally time cards because it will automatically generate reports on the number of hours and minutes each employee has worked for a certain day.


2. ShopClock


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ShopClock is another feature-rich timekeeping program ideal for businesses that maintain up to three time shifts with different account titles for each shift in the general ledger. You could preset the time when each shift begins for proper payroll accounting. This application has a number of special features that make time keeping easier, such as, per day or per week subtotal on the time card grid of each employee, call lights for alerting administrators for any problem in logging, and a calendar report showing the scheduled time offs of employees.

1. Realtime Advanced with PC Time Clock Lite


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Realtime Advanced is an application that works with PC Time Clock Lite. The PC Time Clock Lite is another program that allows employees to use their computers to monitor their number of hours worked per day. It is not a standalone application because it works with Realtime Advanced to gather its data and process them for payroll. Realtime Advanced has a powerful API which allows it to integrate with a wide spectrum of programs.

The 10 timekeeping software applications mentioned above are among the commonly used programs by many businesses for tracking their employees’ attendance. Some of them are ideal for small businesses, while others can be used for medium-size or large businesses.

If you have experience using any of the software applications listed above, please let us know in your comment. Or, if we missed out on your favorite time keeping software, we would certainly want to hear from you.

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