Top 10 Unique Ways to be Lazy

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Lazy is officially defined as lack of effort or activity. Laziness is generally related to fat people, couch potatoes, slackers or useless people. But not all lazy people are couch potatoes or useless. I am lazy, but I am not a couch potato (I might be a little useless but definitely not that). I try to be creative. I sleep in classes, I don’t jot down notes and I take lots and lots of time to decide whether I should get up or not. See? Not a couch potato, but lazy: definitely yes! Being lazy does  not always means you have to be useless, you can be smart, useful, creative and lazy, simultaneously. Here are some tips on how (Warning: some tips come with Terms & Conditions Applied).

10. Find easier ways of doing things


Hurl your you-know-what up and go to work (yeah, I know it will take a lot of effort, being lazy and all; but you got to do something, so start with this) and knock everybody out (not literally!). So, yeah go to work, stare at the pile of work you have left to do, and think, think really hard (because being lazy doesn’t mean you are not capable of thinking) and find some easier way of doing them. This can be tiresome for you, but before you think of quitting just think about the time where you can get back to being lazy very fast and not lose your job (both at the same time!).

9. Reduce your efforts


Being lazy is a blessing. You ask why? I’ll tell you, because you get to save an awful lot of energy by not putting any extra effort into any non-extra thing. If you are new at being a lazy person, here’s an advice for you: reduce your efforts; they consume all your necessary energy into unnecessary things. So, stop being hyperactive, stop being any kind of active and conserve energy, if not for yourself then for the betterment of our planet (yeah, that is how the brain of a lazy person works, we rise above ourselves).

8. Do less


Yes, that’s an important point. You should scribble it down somewhere or maybe not. It doesn’t matter.See, that’s how we lazy people do things. We don’t do it, as simple as it can get. We may think about doing it (sometimes not) but ultimately we don’t. If you want to be unique kind of lazy among your lazy friends, just don’t lay down there like a potato, again get up, go to work, but don’t do anything else (until it’s very important, like life threatening or maybe job threatening important).

7. Give your work to someone else


Yup! You heard it right. Hand it to somebody else. Be a bigger person (see, I told you, the benefits of being lazy: you get to see your brighter side). In this way you can get your work done and get some other poor soul a chance to do something great. This will make multiple souls happy, all at once.

6. Disconnect yourself from the world


Steer clear of all the social drama or social networking sites. They are far too over-rated. They just suck on all your energy until you are left with nothing. All that time wasted in resolving a neighborhood fight, posing for a picture for your social networking site (oh well! That rhymed), and don’t forget the energy, very important. You could have spent all that time and energy on sleeping or drooling or day-dreaming. So next time before you jump into any social drama, think before you do it. A lazy person definitely would.

5. Do things at the right time or don’t do them at all. What do you prefer?


Fold your laundry the instant it’s done (or a few minutes or maybe hours later). Same goes the case with your files, assignments, etc, etc, because if you won’t they will pile up until it becomes a nightmare. The stack of your unfinished business will grow bigger and bigger until you are on the verge of drowning in it. So, if you will do the things you are supposed to do at the exact right time, or maybe a teeny-weeny bit later, you will save plenty of time for your lazy side.

4. Stop complaining


Lazy people do not complain, or whine, or cry about petty things. They shouldn’t. It takes too much of an energy to do all that. Lazy people just should not care. They should be carefree. The less grumpy you are, the lazier you are (the lesser, the better!). It will not only eat up all your energy but it can also spoil your fantastic day. So to cut it short, STOP complaining. And never lose your temper; we are too lazy for that.

3. Surprise yourself-be spontaneous!


The biggest quality of a lazy person is to avoid work. So do that. Do not ditch work just like that, it has never done anybody any good. Surprise everybody (including you). Come up with some brand new, bright and shiny excuse. Don’t use clichés. Remember you are being unique, so you need your own unique, authentic, genuine idea. So again, use your very smart brain to cook up some very smart excuse. On the plus side you can apply this trick any number of times you want to. It will be original and it will be yours.

2. Ignore the world, go to sleep


Warning: do this whenever required, not all the time because it would actually turn you into a couch potato, or even worse, a bed potato. Who would want that? So do it when you really want to enter your lazy zone because sleeping is the ultimate heaven. Seriously, what can be better than that? If you don’t want to sleep, you can still ignore the world, get lost into your own thoughts, your own world. After all being lazy doesn’t means you are not capable of thinking. Obviously this tip comes with “Terms & Conditions Applied”, like not ignoring your mother or not hesitating in helping someone when they actually need it. if you will not do these you’ll be a hateful person, not lazy and that is obviously is not your goal.

1. Do nothing


You might not have given it a thought but your brain needs some time of its own so give it a rest. Plus some people think you can never do anything. Challenge them, show them that you can. You can do nothing. As said earlier, get lost in your own world of dreams, take your mind to a relaxing place and do just about nothing.

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