Top 10 Ways to Face your Fears

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What is a fear actually? Are you also afraid of water, darkness, height or even failure? In very simple terms fear is as obvious as any emotion or feeling no matter it is a feeling of joy or sadness with the only difference lying in the fact that it scares us. We are afraid of confronting the thing that scares us. Fear is often called as a phobia. There is no harm in fearing of anything. Even the bravest of men have fears in their lives. However, we should be able to overcome our fear because only then we would be able to grow up completely. Overcoming a fear is not a one step process. It takes time and efforts. Sometimes we might end up with a failure while facing the fear, but that should not put up a full stop on our efforts. It is only when we defeat our fear that we are able to discover an all new individual full of life and zest within ourselves. When we defeat our fear we gain strength and become more courageous. Here is the list  of ways you can overcome your  fear.


Instills a sense of fear among people

Start by acknowledging your fear. Never forget fear is not something to be ashamed of. Everyone in this world is afraid of something or the other. So start giving space to your fear and start accepting it. Do not feel shy in talking publicly about your fear. So never deny or ignore your fears, acknowledge them and accept them publicly. Just remember that fears help us become more courageous. A fear is a fear no matter how big or small it can be. This is how we can start gaining a control over the fear. There is no intelligence in acting brave in front of the society when in our hearts there is a fear dwelling.



Take out time to study your fear. Know what actually you are scared of. Sometimes we confuse our fears with some other thing. For example, some misunderstand their fear of height with fear of mountains. This approach misguides us and we are never able to conquer our fear completely. Nowadays internet has become a pool of knowledge. Start by searching about your fear on the internet like the psychological reasons behind that behind particular fear. There is also information about the ways to overcome that fear on the web which can be very useful. Try to find out all the information regarding your fear. Try to get every detail of your fear.



What actually lead to the development of that fear? It can be any incident in the childhood or some believe even in the previous birth. Once we know about the cause of that fear we can actually work out strategies to defeat it. Some harsh memories of our past years or past lives lead in the development of fear for certain things which, if ignored can develop into a serious issue. Concern a psychologist, discuss with him the root cause of your fear.



Discuss about your fear to some friend or expert. This helps in lightening up the burden of the fear. We feel more relaxed when we talk to someone. Moreover the guidance given by that individual can sometimes help us overcome the fear. We can also talk to people fearing the same thing. The people with similar fears are able to connect better. One feels more comfortable when he discusses his fear with someone with a similar fear. Talk to the person. Find out what he has done to overcome it.



Never underestimate yourself because you fear something. Do not let your fear rule your confidence. Take fear as a challenge and opportunity that will help build your character. Once you are able to defeat the fear you come out stronger. A fear should be taken as a stepping stone towards a more courageous identity instead of an obstacle in developing your personality.



Remember, there is nothing more bigger and stronger than your own will power. Your fear and anxiety should never affect your confidence. Always live in a high life condition. Remember where there is a way there is a will. There is no fear in the world that cannot be defeated if taken a strong determination. Your self confidence and determination is the biggest tool to defeat your fear. Do not let yourself down because you fear something that others can easily face.



Exercise and meditation can help fill an all new energy in one self. Nowadays, yoga is also becoming very helpful in the same. Take out time for meditation and introspection. While meditating imagine yourself defeating that fear and feel the happiness of that moment. It will inspire you to face and conquer the fear. Imagine the outcomes of the fear and how wonderfull your life will be once you are free of the fear.



Make out strategies of how you are going to encounter your fear. Be well prepared to face the fear. But don’t face it half prepared. It can lead up to piling up of the fear. Make plans, study and workout on your plans of conquering the fear. Write down the necessary details regarding your fear and the strategy you have planned to defeat it. Then work pn the plan accordingly.



It’s now time to face the fear. Once done with the plans and strategies, face the fear no matter how scary it might be. If you are scared of height then go for parasailing with friends. If scared of water go out for a trip to some beach or pond. But remember to start with the small things before targeting the bigger ones. Once you are able to climb one step towards your fear move on to the next level. Remember always “ slow and steady wins the race” .



Even if you are defeated while facing the fear take it as another challenge and start with a whole new spirit. Remember try and try until you succeed. It not might have been successful this time, but remember there is always a second time. Second time move on towards your fear with an even more stronger determination. A failure does not mean an end rather it signifies a new beginning with even more preparation with the view that this time the fear is not going to last longer and I will definitely conquer it.

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