Top 10 Ways to Reduce Body Odor

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 Top ten ways to reduce body odor

Undesirable body odor is a very common problem. People feel quite embarrassed because of their body odor. People use perfumes and deodorants to cover their body odor. But the perfumes and deodorants are not the permanent solution to it; they just temporarily cover up the body odor.  There are a variety of things which causes body odor like bacterial imbalance. One can overcome the problem of body odor in many ways. Here we have the list of all the remedies which will help in reducing the body odor.

10. Wear washed clothes

branded clothes

Sometimes it happens that we tend to wear our old clothes without washing them. And since the clothes are not washed they do have the bacteria in them which causes body odor. So to remove those bacteria clothes should be washed properly. You should use a detergent to wash your clothes. The detergent reduces the surface tension of clothes and thus removes the bacteria. You can even use some antiseptic solution for better washing of clothes.



It has been observed that people who have digestion problem often complain for body odor as well. People who have deficiency of enzymes face problem in proper digestion of food. Inclusion of pro-biotic supplements can help in reducing the digestion problem. These supplements help in revitalizing the internal quality of fauna and hence reduce the digestion problem.



This is the case when you do not have any kind of exterior bacterial infection. This means that the body odor is not because of external generation of bacteria. It indicates that internal metabolism is responsible for body odor. This is the most complicated case of body odor. In this case detoxification is the only solution.  You can use many cleansing techniques for detoxification. Detoxification can be done at home itself. It can be fruitful if it is done regularly. Once in a week you can do detoxification.  In detoxification you do not have to eat anything for the whole day. You are just required to drink water and fruit juices.

   7.Check your diet

Chew and Spit diet

Chew and Spit diet

To improve your body odor naturally you can keep a check upon on your diet. There are many eatable which are responsible for body odor. These eatables radiate through the pores of the human body and thus generate body odor. If you exclude these eatable from your diet then your body odor will improve naturally. The eatables which are required to be avoided are garlic, onions and almost all the drinks which are caffeinated.  So if you want to improve your body odor in a most natural way then you have to exclude all these eatables from your diet.

 6.Use of natural sterilizer


Use of sterilizer is another very efficient way to reduce body odor.  You just have to wipe all the bacteria prone areas with the sterilizer. The process is very easy and is also less time consuming. The sterilizer manipulates the pH of the skin and makes it unfavorable for the generation of bacteria. This will reduce the generation of bacteria up to a great extent. For better results you can make use of natural sterilizer. Since the natural sterilizer is made up of herbs so it does not create any kind of side effects. Witch hazel and trees oil can also be used as sterilizer.

5.Wear natural fibre clothes


The major cause for the generation of bacteria is moisture and humidity.  So to avoid the generation of bacteria you should prevent humidity and moisture. The best way to prevent humidity and moisture is to wear natural fibre clothes. There is a large variety of natural fibre clothes such as cotton and silk. These clothes help in maintain the humidity and moisture and thus keep you body dry.  Dry skin is least prone to bacterial infections. So if you want to prevent your body then you should wear clothes which are made from natural fibre. Additionally natural fibre clothes are also very light and comfortable.

4.Green supplements


This is the most natural way to reduce body odor.  Green supplements acts as a natural deodorant.  The Columbia University has a program which works for health services.  According to this program it has proven that the green supplements are very effective in reducing body odor naturally. If you include chlorophyll or wheat grass in your daily diet then this will help in reducing body odor naturally.

3.Use of vinegar



Vinegar can be used as an antiseptic. The use of vinegar in bacteria prone areas can help in killing the bacteria. The vinegar institute has proved that the vinegar is very helpful in killing fungi and bacteria.  Moreover the use of vinegar on the skin does not cause any kind of side effects.  You can wipe the bacteria prone areas with the help of vinegar. The vinegar will kill all the bacteria and hence it will reduce body odor.

 2.Regular washing


When you do not take a bath regularly, bacteria’s get accumulated in your body parts. These bacteria when multiply produce body odor. Accumulation of bacteria not just cause body odor but is also responsible for many types of infections. While taking a bath you should properly wash some of your body parts like feet and armpits. The accumulation of bacteria in these parts of the body is more as compared to others. You can wash them using soap or shower gel. Use of perfumed soap or shower gel is recommendable. Also you can make use of antiseptic soap to minimize the generation of bacteria.

1.Use aluminum free deodorants


Deodorants which contain aluminum are quite harmful. They can clog the pores of human armpit thereby causing several side effects. The aluminum content in the deodorant accumulates near the nervous system. This type of accumulation is quite dangerous, since it cause variety of disorders. So deodorants which do not have any aluminum content are preferred. The aluminum free deodorant not just reduces the possibility of disorders but also helps in preventing body odor. You can check for the aluminum content in your deodorant by looking at the ingredients of the product. Crystal deodorants are very popular for preventing body odor.

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