Top 10 Ways to Spot the Untrustworthy Person in the Group

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“Trust” changes the whole scenario of life. Every relationship is built with trust. It is fragile, thus it is hard to connect with everyone in the world. It is rightly defined by the greatest English poet and playwright that, “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” Apart from blood relations, we are also bonded with few other people or say friends, which are completely based by faith or trust. But sometimes, a few of them deceive. I guess everyone must have had at least a single person or a friend in their life that has broken their trust or betrayed.
To be very particular, in my life, I have come across lots of such untrustworthy people. It is really difficult to fix it if the trust is broken once. Usually in a group, we will find at least an associate to be untrustworthy or envious or insecure. I clearly remember in my graduation days, in our group we had someone among our peers whom we trusted the least as she used to be the only reason for every misunderstanding within the group. Most of the issues come up because of these deceitful personalities. Hence it is highly necessary to spot that bad apple in the group. Here are the ten ways to find out who the untrustworthy person is in the group:
10. Bluff information:
Bluffing is one of the reasons to find the untrustworthy fellow of the group. There can never be a place for the one who bluffs in the group, as there might be a chance of some unwanted issues due to the unethical information provided by the one who just fakes it. There is a minute chance of accuracy in his details. Thus, how can some take the risk of trusting him? You will find people confidently giving you erroneous information, without being caught by anyone. So, be aware! They pretend to be smart while quite ignorant.
9. Gossiping is the main motto:
Certain individuals have a tendency to gossip. They don’t need a topic to gossip about, they just speak out whatever they feel like. Few do it purposely in order to grasp information about others and few just speak out unintentionally as they have a tendency to gossip, they don’t have an intention to hurt someone. The one who intentionally do it usually have a tendency to interfere in others’ matter. Therefore find the one who gossips anything before anyone and accordingly open up your eyes as his action may put you in trouble at some point!
8. Customarily flaunt:
No money, no friends? No way! So, if you have a friend who feels so and flaunts more often, then just ditch him as he is not worth of your friendship. They try to show off their contacts and even try to show how better they are in your comparison. Taking an instance into consideration, suppose you buy a car, an untrustworthy person will either buy a better car than you to let you down or he will explicate why the car you bought is a poor choice.
7. Compete with companions:
Let it be exam or while shopping or for anything, an untrustworthy person tries to compete for everything with his peers. He cannot discriminate between a companion and a competitor. He would always be envious for every little thing. It becomes difficult to share with such friends as they interpret in a different way and try to plan out for their success as they consider it as a competition. In my group, I have seen such toxic friends who let you down every now and then. They always point the downside.
6. They never apologize:
Usually the real friends make us realize our flaws. But few of us accept it and few don’t. The one who don’t can never change! These are the ones whom we trust the least as they consider themselves to be the so called perfect piece and never accept their mistakes even, rather blame others. The word “sorry” is misplaced from their dictionary. Hence peers find it tough to trust such a repelling personality.
5. Do not stand by the decision of the group:
The decisions taken by a group should always be unanimous. In spite of taking a unanimous decision, if anyone of the group backs out then he/she is obviously considered as an untrustworthy person. Generally the self centred persons back out from their decisions as they want to be on a safe side and prove themselves clean in front of others, being diplomat. In my graduation days, when our group will plan to bunk a class, few of our namby-pamby peers back out in the last moment which used to put us in a mess. Unity hardly matters to them, so it’s better to dump such kind of person from the group.
4. Pretend to be nice:
Being right is more important than being nice. But the untrustworthy ones have just the contradict character. They pretend to be nice on face and are always mysterious by nature, which complicates thing at times. They prefer discussing behind a person rather being straight forward. They try to fake most of the times. While a true friend is always open and honest unlike the former. They may speak out the bitter truth but they are always genuine.
3. Back talking:
Back talking or we label it as bitching, which we usually prefer doing about others among our group of friends but just for fun. While an ill-minded friend gossip about everyone within the group or outside it behind their back. They just try to present themselves as Mr. /Ms. Goody-goody in front of all by pointing out others’ fault. They believe themselves to be the most perfect but actually they are the real trash of the group as peers find it hard to share secrets with them. Obviously, they shouldn’t even, who would like to share his/her secrets with such an untrustworthy person?
2. Broken promise:
We can also spot the bad apple of the group by identifying the guy who frequently doesn’t stick to his commitments. We often find them making false promises or breaking promises made by them. Most of you must have also encountered of a peer backing out of the unanimous decision taken by the group. How can someone trust such kind of a person who can’t stick to his own words?
1. Disclose secret matters of group:
This is another important sign to spot the untrustworthy person of the group. Generally we consider sharing our secrets with the one whom we trust the most or who understands us the most, but when the same person reveals our secrets out in front of others this agitates us. A secret is meant to be kept unknown or unseen from others. Thus, disclosing the secrets in public can hurt someone. You will find people revealing out others’ secrets to you, then why can’t it be possible that they would also be revealing your secrets in front of others? Chances are high, so stay alert! Although few just let the cat out of the bag unintentionally as they cannot keep things to themselves but few others purposely do that to harm others. The latter ones are called back stabbers.

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