Top 10 Ways to Stay Healthy

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Oscar Wilde said “Health is the primary duty of Life. Without Health, life is only a state of suffering- an image of Death.” Health is probably the most essential and sadly the most undervalued asset we possess. I guess that I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Health forms the basis of our lives and is a prerequisite for a good, happy, satisfied life. It is responsible for success, enjoyment, fulfillment, competition; it is ubiquitous. In this regard, it can be safely said that there are numerous forums one can come across online as well as offline that suggest many ways to a healthy lifestyle. But being healthy is not restricted to eating prescribed foods, or going for a jog everyday or getting regular health checkups done. Physical and Mental health go hand in hand and none overpowers the other. Their existence is complimentary. Our health is a very vulnerable part of our lives and thus gets affected quite easily and quite extensively. This is why we should make constant and innovative efforts to preserve the treasure we have, we are one of the few lucky ones. As stated, there are numerous ways in which one can keep himself healthy and all of us have in some way or the other have gone through the “to-do” and “not-to-do” list so here we are with a list that gives you a mix of effective and equally innovative ways to stay healthy.

10. Sweat it out
Make sure you do something which makes you sweat, at least for half an hour every day. Who doesn’t want to get rid of those toxins and excess water and in return look what you get, a good body. You can’t possibly ask for more. And trust me; looking at the sweat makes you feel super!! Jogging or going to a gym regularly might just do the work for you but again, there are no straight jacket rules to sweating!

9. Eat like a kid
Eat whatever you want and in whatever quantities, only and only when you are following the first rule. It’s a cliché by now that food makes us happy and elevates our mood which is true by all means. So eat without thinking, eat all the colorful stuff and remember, kids also burn it out, they are on the run all day. Unnecessary restrictions with your diet regime might be good for your stomach but it will surely start messing with your head very soon.

8. Keep Good Company
Our mind is the center of our well being and no matter how many hours you spend in the gym, if you’re restless and uneasy in your head, you will end up on a couch watching sitcoms all day using the infamous escaping strategy. So drive away all the negative vibes coming to you and make sure you are not being affected by your surroundings in any which way. Your company has a way bigger impact on you than you can even think of.

7. Sleep well
We were often played with by our parents when they asked us to sleep or the Boogeyman will come. Little did we realize then that there is a very important value hidden underneath it. One needs to have a sound sleep for at least 6-8 hours daily. In order to be healthy, eating well and exercising are not the only things that matter. One needs to be fit and active in order to be called a fully healthy being. If a person does not sleep well then it takes no time for lethargy to take a toll on him/her. Thus, the need to relax and calm your strained senses becomes very important to regain one’s energy and revitalize the tired body.

6. Vouch for Satisfaction
The ultimate motive of life is being satisfied and fulfilled. The last line of your autobiography should reflect that. Derive pleasure and satisfaction from every act of yours. The brain produces some chemicals and other apparently some more science stuff happens which ultimately makes you feel happier and relaxed. Try to cooking for yourself or anyone as fun and as satisfying as making love to your partner or watching the much awaited new season of Sherlock.

5. Don’t eat like a pig
For the very obvious reasons, what we eat and in what quantity affects our health most directly so even if you are the “I live to eat” kinds, eat in a limit. There’s no need to burden the planet more. Eat but eat in a controlled way. And don’t eat between after you’ve eaten. Slow down. There are a lot of people who don’t get enough food to even survive. The food stocked in your refrigerator isn’t going anywhere. Drink more water, many studies say it even makes you slimmer. Might as well try it.

4. Make a list
Now take a pen and paper. Become a maverick. Pen down all the things you’ve wanted to do, want to do, have thought about, have fantasized about. Be limitless. From the simplest things to the most crazy and impossible desires, write them down and start working on the most feasible of them all. Keep adding to the list and keep ticking away. You’ll be a much happier and wiser person after all.

3. Strive to be a Morning Person
Yes, nights are fun. Yes, nights give you time to think. Yes, nights are romantic. Yes, nights are naughty. Yes, it is written in no rulebook of life that nights are meant for sleeping, but still, being awake till the wee hours affects our brain and gradually makes us weak. It sucks the life out of us, in a very vicious way, also making us slightly fat, again studies have said so. So, listen to your mom, and yes, early to bed might just make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

2. Spend time with yourself
Don’t let other people define you or influence you. You are your mentor and you are your student. Don’t let anyone make decisions for you all your life, you don’t want to become a slave in disguise. Spending time alone helps in more ways than one. You need time with yourself to process your thoughts get clarity. Certainty and clarity are two things human crave for, in life. You will only get that when you interact with yourself and comprehend your behaviour. Give yourself at least an hour. You deserve it. It will make life much easier for you. Try it.

1. Just chill
Life is too small to even care about what others think. Do your job, do what makes you happy, do what gives you a satisfied sleep at night, do what your heart says is right. Don’t even bother what your neighbor will think or what the so called accepted societal norms are. People have always said and people will always say, that’s what makes people. And you are among them. So, Live like a bird. Be free and expressive with your thoughts. Go out there and do whatever you can think of doing. A healthy and happy mind is the foundation of a healthy body and a healthy life. So stay carefree and live life, King size.

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