Top 10 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Today

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Procrastinating. It is one monkey many of us (me included) normally want to get off their back. It is postponing things to the last possible moment and completing it haphazardly. The output is shabby work and the result is missed opportunity. How to beat this is a mystery. For we tend to have an aversion to taking action and taking action is the only solution. Now the reason why most of us read this is to find a way out of this vicious circle and here are 10 gems of options to beat this. These are all tried and tested formulas with a guaranteed results. Only condition is to honestly apply it. So here it goes.
10. The 2 minute rule
One of the most commonly suggested ways to beat postponing stuff is to follow this 2 minute rule. It is simple and it works! The theory is that whenever there is a task; see if it can be completed in less than 2 minutes. If this is possible do it then and there. You will be surprised by the amount of work that will be accomplished in this time frame. Cleaning out room, preparing for next day’s class, cleaning the dishes etc. all will be done in just 2 minutes and with the smaller tasks out of the way you will feel unburdened. If an idea strikes you or the project is extensive just begin it within 2 minutes.
9. Get to the reason

main point
There is no smoke without fire and no smell without garbage so get to the fire and put it out. Some of us have stage fright and some are just anxious. When these issues run in back of one’s mind, one tends to find a way to stay away from these issues. So see what it is that bothers you and clear it out. Then there will be nothing to hold you back.
8. Find your mojo
Each of us has our own mojo, our own way to operate and the way to excel. The x-factor is what will have us break this jinx of procrastinating. Once we start enjoying our task and enter the zone, there is no space for postponing. When we find our rhythm we operate better and thus the action becomes less tedious and more fun. Find your mojo to work better.
7. Set the tone
Many of us have the lucky charm, the teddy we pat before the big game or the video we watch before the big exam it’s all a personal ritual. Get your brain hotwired to associate these activities to beginning of some serious work. Like a cup of coffee could be a cue for the study time or a shouting at the mirror can be a cue for getting a job done. Visual image is much stronger so start using placards. ‘No Laptop till room is clean’ will go a long way to help you when compared to a mobile note. Get into the grove and help yourself.

6. Be realistic
We all have that moment where we plan. Sometimes the plan gets out of hand and we start running with the idea of being super sincere. Now that creates problem. Start small and be realistic. Saying that you will wash all your clothes immediately is a long shot. Sometimes in the middle of the day you may find it difficult to find time for this. Try to keep it simple; at the end of the day there won’t be any clothes left in the bucket, it is possible. This will boost your confidence and help with the peaceful sleep. Do not put yourself in a fix and over-expect things. Do what is really possible.

5. Hoodwink with Secret
Ronda Byrne had the world go gaga with her book, The Secret. Now how do we use this to beat postponing things? Follow the principles in the book. For this to work you may need to read the book the short snippet is when you want something to go your way, ask the universe for it, act as if you have received the wish and be grateful for it. In a short span of time, the wish will come true. For this, you need to trust your gut. Go with what it says. Using this one can stop postponing things for the simple way of achieving everything can make us stop wanting to wait for it. Get the copy or read the cliff-notes, it truly works.

4. Break it down
The aim may be to get fit. With 2 minute rule his means just starting it now. This means break it down. Baby-steps are the way to go. When the job at hand is big, we tend to feel intimidated or incapable of it. However when the task is broken down, the ease of operation and implementation is made simpler. Thus the idea is to reduce it to smallest of task and going for it.

3. Try if-then plan
We all tend to act better under the possibility of consequences. When the end result may entail some reaction, either positive or negative, we work harder and more consciously. Use this technique to get your work done. This may be rewards or punishments. Like the school days when we painstakingly wrote in a better handwriting to get that extra star, use bait and dangle it right in front of you. If you clean up, you get an hour of extra game time or if you sleep in a messy room you do not get to switch on your lappy unless you clean up. The ideas can change on basis of the task but the fact remains that when there is an end result to be achieved, we have more motivation to get the job done.

2. Enlist your gang
What are friends for? Now before you give me the fun things you al do with your gang, I want to be the nerdy one and say that they help you in such tasks. Re-enforcing correct behavior is difficult and coxing one to get just one more break is easy. We tend to deviate from these issues and we need someone to get us back on the track. So enlist your friends, family, parents, and siblings etc. to be your shepherd. They will keep a tab on your action as you instruct them and keep you focused. Take them like training wheels and learn the action. Slowly you will ride alone.

1. Give up the hang-ups
Unlike the tiny spider which never gave up and eventually succeeded, we tend to have a lower threshold for patience. Now this means we give up and leave maximum of our stuff incomplete. This pile of incomplete starts pilling up and after a point it tips over preventing us from taking action. So the best way is to leave the issues behind, forget the past and the hang-ups. Ostracize the word cant from your daily use and get a clean start. Try to act positively in spite of the past failure.
Time is what is really of value and wasting it away is worst thing to do. Try any of the above tricks and see your life take a turn for good. When the tasks get fulfilled, the burden is reduces and life becomes much more bearable.

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