Top 10 Ways to Take Care of your Skin

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Smooth, flawless, radiant, glowing skin….. The key feature that dominates the definition of beauty. It is the most attractive and dominant feature of your personality.
Skin is the largest yet mostly overlooked organ of the human body. Most of the people take it for granted because either they are too lazy or they think that beautiful skin is something only lucky people get. The utmost thing people do is apply some moisturizer and pay some attention on cleansing, that’s it. People spend the rest of the time either cursing themselves or admiring the ones with beautiful skin.
The secret behind beautiful, healthy skin is that while some are blessed with the “beautiful genes”, others spend considerable time on taking care of their skin to make it look beautiful. Here we are sharing Top 10 ways to take care of your skin, to make yourself prettier:

10. Sound Sleep
You must have had an encounter with this secret in most of the celebrity interview when they are asked about the secret of their beauty. Sound sleep is must to get a glowing and healthy skin. The reason behind this fact is that while you are asleep your body produces protein, which is building block of body cell, which in turn constitutes your skin. The protein growth ensures rejuvenation of your skin. Thus in short, while you are asleep your body is busy in recovering you from daily damage caused to your skin due to external factors like ultraviolet rays. Sleepless nights leave their prominent reflection on your skin in the form of dark circles, laugh line, early signs of aging like wrinkles, dull and swallow skin etc.
9. Take Balanced Diet
There is an old saying, “You are what you eat”. Experts claim that balanced diet is a key to obtain and further retain healthy and glowing skin. Your personality is reflection of what you eat. Taking a balanced proportionate diet is must for as well as your skin’s health. Some specific foods like foods containing Vitamin A, milk, green vegetables, whole grain product are of greater benefit and should be positively included in your diet.

8. Eat Variety of Fruits
Fruits not only contribute in manufacturing good face packs, their raw intake is even more beneficial. While staying within your energy limit you should intake sufficient amount of fruits and green vegetables every day. Try to choose variety of fruits; you can make a weekly diet chart for including different variety of fruits in your breakfast, different fruit for different days. However there are some specific fruits and vegetables which are more beneficial for skin like apples, strawberries, sweet potatoes, lemons, amla, aloe vera, carrots, beets, spinach etc. Try to include these in your diet. Improving your eating habits are best yet simplest way to attain and retain beautiful skin.

7. Pat Dry
Most of the people do this blunder of rubbing their skin after shower. Experts always recommend to gently pat dry your skin rather than rubbing it, this helps to retain moisture of your skin. Gently patting dry your skin after shower leaves it softer and glowing. Hence make pat drying a thumb rule.

6. Drink lots of Water
Drinking water is not only beneficial to your skin; it has several other benefits associated too. Water stimulates digestion, excretion, absorption and circulation in our body. Our skin is an organ and like every other organ it is also made up of cells and without water cells will die. Hence water is an essence of your skin. The slightest of dehydration can make your skin dry, dull and flaky. Apart from this it makes your skin clearer and glowing as water stimulates excretion in body which in turn is very helpful in removing impurities of body.

5. Use Sunscreen
The harmful effects of ultraviolet like skin cancer, premature ageing, tanning etc are not unknown to any of us. We are also known with the fact that Sun rays provide vitamin D, but our body absorbs necessary vitamin D in just 20 minutes of exposure. Rest of the time you spend your time outside in sun, sun ray will keep harming your skin. Hence to protect yourself from the severe damages Sun Screens are must. Apart from this, Australian researches have shown that people who apply sun screen everyday show 24% less skin ageing than who only use sunscreen part of the time. Now the question arises, with so many options available in market, which one to choose? While choosing sunscreen the most dominating and deciding factor is SPF (sunburn protection factor). Sun Protection Factor is the measure of product’s effectiveness against sunburn. If you are out in the sunlight for more 2 or more hours than you should go for Sunscreen with SPF more than 30.

4. Scrub once a week
Your shower arena must be full of Shampoo, loofah, body wash, conditioner, soaps, serums, face wash etc. but does it has a room for scrub too? Most of the people overlook this very essential process of exfoliation. Scrubbing exfoliates your skin by removing dead cells. Skin keeps on shedding to reveal new, healthier skin and scrub enhances this process. Scrubbing is not only essential for face, but it brings equal benefits to body too. Scrub makes your skin clearer, healthier and fresh. However scrubbing daily can harm your body hence it is recommended to scrub once a while and also you should never scrub your skin roughly and abrasively. In order to attain positive benefits Scrubbing should be carried out gently.

3. Moisturize Regularly
Proper moisturizing enhances the radiance of your skin leaving it smoother, glowing and healthy. A dry skin looks dull, untidy and pathetic, this dryness maybe result of either your skin type or external factors like dust particles in the environment, dryness of air, pollution etc. Moisturizing creates a protective layer between your skin and these external factors. It helps to prevent the hydration of your skin. After proper cleansing and toning moisturizing is a crucial step which should never be overlooked no matter what is your skin type. There is a huge range of moisturizers in the market for different skin types. You can match a one with yours.

2. Use mild Wash
Choosing a face wash or a body is an essential step in taking care of your skin. While cleansing grabbing the nearest wash is not at all wise. You should choose an appropriate wash for yourself depending upon the need of your skin. Choosing a mild wash will make ensure to waive off only the unnecessary dirt and oil from your skin. Don’t go behind brand names and lather formation, wisely choose a wash for your skin to keep it healthy and safe.

1. Identify the Type of your Skin
This is the first and foremost rule of skin care, from where your skin care starts. Identifying your skin type is a must to take its appropriate care. Your skin type governs your decision for choosing a perfect cosmetic for it and making it look perfect. Skin types are broadly classified in 4 categories, Oily, Dry, Normal and Combination (with traits of all three). To identify your skin type either you may take a quiz (easily available on internet) or you may ask your beautician.

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