Top 10 Weird Psychological Disorders

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The brain and its functions have always surprised and intrigued men from centuries. Its power and capacity is fascinating while its capability to coordinate and control is another subject of interest. However this machine can also play tricks on us and turn its back to its own owner. There exists various psychological disorders that everyone has heard or witnessed. However there are some other few that may sound completely unbelievable and outrageous but actually exist. Here are the top 10 weird psychological disorders



Boanthropy is an absurd psychological disorder wherein victims of the disease believe that they are cows or oxen. This belief also leads them to act and behave as an animal too. The affected victims move around by crawling on their hands and knees. They consume grass and green vegetables in the same manner as cows i.e. without using their hands and directly from the mouth. And of course this also implies that they maintain no contact whatsoever with other human beings. If irritated or annoyed, they will also not hesitate to attack the person in front of them and thus are extremely dangerous people to be around. One of the first and famous victims of this disease was King Nebuchadnezzar who in the Book of Daniel “was driven from men and did eat grass as oxen”.

9) Stendhal Syndrome

stendhal syndrome

This psychological condition is named after the 19th century French author Stendhal, who wrote about how he was completely overwhelmed by the Renaissance masterpieces that he came across when he made a trip to Florence in 1817. This is a psychomatic form of illness that has physiological effects such as rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion, hallucinations etc. when an individual looks at some form of art .This particularly happens when the art is big or extremely complex through colours, patterns etc. It is also called Florence syndrome because of the high frequency of this disease occurring in individuals who visit the art capital of Europe i.e. – Florence situated in Italy. The records in hospitals in this particular area serve as proof about the number of people who are disoriented after seeing various forms and types of art pieces.

8) Capgras Delusion

capgras delusion

Capgras delusion named after French doctor Joseph Capgras is also popularly known as delusional misidentification and can be literally taken as an antonym to déjà vu. People who are affected by this disorder believe that their family member i.e. – parents, husband, siblings etc. has been replaced by an identical look alike in disguise. Doctors have also realized that they may have misidentified symptoms of this disease in several cases and made an incorrect diagnosis. People with Capgras syndrome can perceive the faces of their family members and finds them familiar but cannot create a relevant association with the same. You may be looking at your mother’s face but the same face is unable to invoke all the feelings that you’d usually feel for your mom making her a complete stranger.



Trichotillomania is a disorder where people have urges to pull or twist their own hair till it breaks off resulting in hair loss. Patients are unable to control this urge and their hair eventually becomes thinner over the years. The person experiences an increasing sense of tension while pulling out their own hair and are overcome with pleasure, relief and even gratification after it. This further causes significant distress, inability or impairment in social, occupational, and other crucial areas of functioning.  A biological theory based on the same is that there is a sort of disruption in the system of the individual that involves one of the chemical transmitters between the nerve cells in areas of the brain. The other factors that could lead to the disorder are genetic predisposition, unhealthy levels of stress, circumstances and history etc.

6) Cotard Delusion

cotard delusion

Also known as The Walking Corpse, this is a rare neuropsychiatric disorder. It is also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome, Cotard’s syndrome or negation delusion. An individual suffering from this will hold a delusional belief that they are dead, have lost their blood or internal organs. This disorder ranges in severity. At its mild state, the individual will go through despair and self-loathing. At its severe or complicated stages, the person will deny his own existence and will be highly convinced that they have already died. They believe that their death has occurred because of an accident, illness or as a result of suicide. They will have delusional ideas about their immortality and might also believe that they are untouchable. In some cases these affected individuals may also inflict self-harm upon themselves to confirm the fact that they are dead or may die due to starvation since they believe that they longer need to feed themselves. In some cases it has been recorded that these   individuals have various odd perceptions of being taken to places, such as, Hell after their death, living and existing even in the afterlife or being eternally damned. Some of them also complain of feeling insects such as worms in their brain.


5) Reduplicative Paramnesia


Reduplicative paramnesia is the delusional belief that a location or place has been replicated and exists in two or more places at the same time or that it has been relocated to a new place. It is falls in the category of misidentification syndromes and is mostly associated with acquired brain injury, especially when there exists damage in both the right cerebral hemisphere the frontal lobes simultaneously. It is interesting that patients affected by this disorder can actually be very logical and hold a firm grip on reality. There is also a chance that the individuals suffering from this are most probably well aware that what they believe is absolutely ridiculous. Although they may be aware of the impossibility of their claims, they are not completely convinced and can fall back completely reaching complicated stages of this psychological disorder


4) Alien hand syndrome

alien hand

Alien hand syndrome is a rare neurological disorder wherein the hand of the victim functions involuntarily while the victim is completely unaware of its movement. Some of the symptoms include involuntary reaching and grabbing, touching the face, attempting to tear clothes etc. There have also been extreme cases spotted where the patient has involuntarily stuffed food in his mouth, creating an obstruction when the normally functioning hand is working, self-inflicted pain such as choking etc. Patients may also exhibit various strange mannerism such as having a conversation with the hand, claiming to be possessed by a demon or making a reference to the hand in the third person. Also known as anarchic hand, the major reasons behind this disorder cannot be exactly pin pointed


3) Erotomania


Erotomania is a delusional syndrome in which the affected person believes that another individual is in love with him or her. In these cases, the other person is usually a stranger or a celebrity. It often occurs during psychosis especially when the patient is schizophrenic or bipolar maniac. The patient strongly believes that this apparent “secret admirer” professes his /her affection to the patient through special glances, signals, telepathy, messages through public channels such as media. The patient then returns this received affection by sending letters, making phone calls, sending gifts, and trying to visit the other person. If questioned about the other party not reciprocating or proof of this being unwanted and irritating, the affected individual may say this is only an excuse to hide their affair from the rest of the world.


2) Mary hart syndrome

mary hart syndrome

The existence of a syndrome arose when a 49 year old woman publicized that she apparently suffered epileptic seizures on hearing the voice of Entertainment Tonight’s co-host Mary Hart. She claimed to have experienced an upset stomach, a sense of pressure in her brain, and utter confusion. Laboratory tests confirmed these abnormal electrical discharges in her brain while everyone was just calling her crazy. Mary Hart also apologized for the whole situation on air who apologized on the air for the situation. Typically, people with such forms of reflex epilepsy suffer seizures at random times and when triggered by the particular type of music or voice but can be usually treated successfully through doses of anti-seizure medication.


1) Paris Syndrome


The Paris Syndrome is a syndrome which is experienced exclusively by the Japanese who travel to Paris. It is said that these Japanese tourists suffer from a major cultural shock, because what they had imagined about Paris was a stark contrast to reality. This causes the poor tourists to suffer from breaking down. Figures state that at least 20 Japanese people suffer from this syndrome every year. In fact the Japanese embassy has created a hotline especially for the people who are hit by this so that they can avail immediate hospital treatment.

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