Top 10 Weirdest Gadgets ever made

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Life without quirks is food without salt. We love the innovators who pick on the smallest part of life and make it fun. The world is full of dreamers and realists. The realists keep the dreamers grounded and dreamers teach the realists to fly. At the perfect balance, we get a terrific gadget. However when this balance is skewed, we have the fun gadgets. Sometimes the formula doesn’t work, sometimes the result is not what we imagine it to be and the end product is, well weird!  Here is a list of some of the gadgets which will make you wonder, why did someone make these? The list was endless but after some snips snaps we have a list.

10. Robot land-mower

10.Robot Land-mower

What is weird in this you ask? Well it’s truly a robot. The Automower 260ACX has ultrasonic sensors so it will not crash into anything. Thus you do not have to keep a watch on this one. When it runs out of juice it will rush to the Auto-mower charge station like a well-trained kitten and juice up. And one more fun fact is that it will text you when it gets into trouble so that you can rush in and bail it out. You can show the tractor-style land-mowers that slick is arrived. It is widely available in Europe now and is a perfect way to spend the lazy Sunday without sweating it out.

9. Breffo Adventure Camera Kit

9.Breffo Adventure Camera Kit

When with friends and going for the perfect group shot, don’t you hate waiting for some passerby to capture the perfect Kodak moment? It has the Octopod’ that has the famous 8 legs which are rubber coated metal legs. So just prop it up and take the group shot or if you love selfies then this is made for you.  Now you can have all the cool pictures without having to ask someone to do it or wait for someone. As the saying goes, whatever happens between a man and the camera should stay between the man and the camera.

8. Metal Detecting Sandals

8.Metal detecting sandals

Are you one of those people who spend more time wondering about treasures on beaches or old towns? So add to the thrill and get the Metal detecting sandals which will tell you if you are walking on a fortune. Manufactured by Hmmacher Schlemmer, this innovation has battery circled around your calf. So if you believe in the treasure stories grab the sandals and wait for lady luck to smile.

7. Grassy Charging Station

Grassy charging Station

So if you are among those who have a desk, (office goer or student) you certainly would love to have that one place organized. The problem is not organizing it as much as having it look classy and personal. So here is an idea, a grassy charging station. Flop it on a corner of the desk, add nature to your work atmosphere and have the techs always juiced up. And do not worry about the dirt or insects or other trouble related to this for the grass is artificial and the cable compartment is at the bottom of the box. The phone is cushioned by the grass and hence is totally safe. So make the desk your own and add nature to it.

6. Pocket-strings


This is for the budding musicians who have just fallen in love with music and can’t get enough of the strings. The daily practice is not enough and you can’t help twiddling your thumbs when you are alone and have time to spare. So to spare you the torture of staying away from music, here is Pocket String. Carry it around in your pocket and in trains or planes or queues, just whip it out and start the melody. Warning, it won’t work well as a defending stick, so keep it smooth and low.

5. The USB Hub and Thermometer

5.The USB Hub and thermometer

Ever wonder what temperature it is when you plug into the USB hubs? Do not judge but apparently we have some folks who need to know just the right temperature when they plug in the devices. So stop the head-scratching and buy the Brando’s USB Rota Hub. It has three USB ports and each of them can be rotated to 90 degrees. It has memory card jacks as well. There are two thermometers, one Fahrenheit based and other is Celsius based. And for the environmental friendly people, here is an additional perk. The thermometer has no harmful chemicals, it is electric based, and hence it won’t harm the environment when you decide to chuck the useless device out!

4. Tetris-Lamp


This game was invented in Soviet Russia in Eighties and since then has caught every-ones attention. Now we have this lamp which is just like the game but they fix together to gives you a lamp. The measurements are 4 cm width by 4 cm diameter by 4 cm height. You can arrange it in many different ways. A funky lamp out of a game you love sitting there on the desk is sure to light up your day. And you thought that Tetris couldn’t get any better!

3. The Taser Music Player Holster

3.Taser Music Player Holder

When in a bus or train we tend to listen to music to while away the time. Now what about safety? Here is a solution to the conundrum. A Taser which doubles as a music player!! The player has 1 GB space to keep you occupied and the Taser is for the freak who thinks he can take advantage of your music time. The gadget is available at 80$ for the holster, 350$ for the Taser. The C2 model Taser goes into the holster which is also a music player.

2. Toilet paper dispensing iPod Dock

2. toilet paper dispensing iPod dock

The iCarta from Atech is the repealing concept but makes sense. Who would not want to hear music when nature calls? It has four moisture resistant speakers. It has knobs to handle the speaker as well as playback settings. So if this has caught your fancy, here are a couple of friendly tips, make sure you wash your hands before changing the song or adjusting the volume. Secondly, remember the feeling when your toothbrush falls in the can, now imagine your dear iPod taking a dive! The pros and cons are here, now choose wisely.

1. Egg cuber

1. Egg Cuber

This is one of the strangest gadgets which will make you smile in amazement. Don’t you hate it when the egg keeps rolling off your plate; your breakfast is spoilt when the egg just won’t stay put. So here is the answer. Hard boil the egg, peel it off and put it into the egg cuber. This is a neat trick to start the day, your kids will love you and your parents would crack up. Also if you want a to carve into it, then isn’t square easier than oval?

So next time you wonder about getting someone a hoot of a gift, try getting something from the list. It’s one surefire way to be popular with friends and kids.


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