Top 5 Dorm Room Decorations You Must Avoid

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Top 5 Dorm Room Decorations You Must Avoid

Let’s face it – decorating a dorm room can be one of the major challenges for college students. We all know that college dorm rooms have limited space. The challenge is to come up with a dorm room décor that will make this small space comfortable, cozy, and maybe feel a bit more like “home.”

Below are some dorm room decoration and “habits” that you must avoid:

1. Putting everything in your dorm space


Face the fact – you don’t have room or space  for everything. Sure, bringing something from home will lessen the feeling of longing, but over-packing is not a great idea. This is especially true if you are in a shared dorm room.

Learn the value of space-saving because it’s crucial in surviving the college life. To save space, only bring items that are truly essential for your dorm stay, including a computer, a study lamp, essential clothing, and beddings.

2. Placing offensive materials on the wall


Most universities allow students to put up photos and posters on the dorm room wall; however, check with your roommates first before you decide to put anything in your space. It’s common for students to have unique tastes, so it’s crucial to ask your roommate first to avoid any squabble. (Note: Even if you’re not in a shared room, it’s still not advisable to put any offensive materials, particularly adult material on your wall as it is prohibited in the universities’ rule book. Putting too many posters is also not recommended.)

3. Wrong room lighting


Lighting is important in any space as it can influence the mood you want. Most dorm rooms already have some sort of fluorescent light installed before the student moved in. However, avoid installing inappropriate lightings like disco lights or red-colored bulb.

Students tend to spend their time studying and reading, so they must have a good lighting in order do these things comfortably. Lights that are too bright and too dim are not conducive to learning. You would want your room to have efficient lighting so invest either a good table or floor lamp for studying.

4. Bringing fire hazards in your dorm room


And as much as possible, do not bring fire-hazardous appliances/items – like oven toasters, hot plates, and candles – even if they make your dorm stay a little bit more comfortable. These items can result in fire, no matter how watchful you are. One simple mistake can result to fire problem – so avoid bringing these things. Leave these items at home.

5. Potted plants


One of the most common decoration students like to put in their room is adding potted plants. Although having some greens in the room is good for the eye, but plants need sufficient sunlight to thrive. It also needs regular watering and weeding. But if you are a college student who is always on the go, you may have no time to take care of your plants. Some plants breed insects and bugs too. It would be best to let go of your green thumb while in college.

Now that you know the top 5 dorm room decorations that you must avoid, it’s time to grab your “designs-for-my-dorm” list and get started in decorating your new home. So what are you waiting for?

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