Top 5 Packaging Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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It’s mid February 2019. We’re already into the second month of the New Year. And most probably, by now, you’ve stopped pursuing the resolutions you had made for the New Year. Failing to stick to your personal life resolutions is quite common. But I hope the resolutions you made for your business are going well. With the New Year and your business goals going in full swing, it’s the perfect time to reveal some of the trends in the packaging market we’re likely to see in 2019.

If you think there’s no need to ponder over the latest trends in the e-commerce and retail packaging industry then hold on! Packaging is an all-encompassing industry term and just like any other industry, it has some megatrends. Packaging is an integral part of your business model, next to producing an excellent product, of course. By keeping up with what trends are on the horizon, you’ll be in a better position to ensure that your business stays current and competitive. For this reason, it makes sense to catch up with the latest trends in the packaging industry.

So, without further ado, here we present you the top 5 packaging trends to watch out for in 2019.

  1. Personalized Packaging is here to stay!

You might have purchased a bottle of Coca-Cola with your name printed on its container. Companies are taking personalization to a new level. And with digital printing, it has become much easier to customize packaging and add a personal touch to products. Personalization is a top 2019 packaging trend and many companies are already exploring this trend. If you’re a football enthusiast, purchasing Bud Light beer cans printed with your favorite NFL teams like the Saints or the Pats becomes irresistible. This is the power of personalized packaging which allows individuals to personally identify with a brand’s product.

  1. Minimalist Packaging Is a New Favorite

Let’s recall a famous adage “Less is more.” In 2019, you need to apply this adage to your packaging design. This year, more and more high-end brands are inspired to adopt minimal style. Now, you may ask what it means exactly. Minimalist packaging means simply to strip away everything non-essential. People resist information overload and loath products with excessive wrapping. So, in the New Year you need to have a new outlook on E-Commerce Packaging. Think like your customers who appreciate a clean and simple design where colors and texts will be at the center of the scene.

  1. Vintage packaging is “IN”

Vintage never goes out of style. This year’s packaging trend is to bring back designs that will give your consumers a piece of their past. Don’t you love and cherish things that arouse nostalgia? Of course, you do! So, in 2019, designers return to the old as the “new” because Vintage sells. Brands are using vintage-looking fonts, as well as manuscript lettering and retro color patterns to evoke nostalgia. Another reason for returning to the roots is to convey authenticity. So, in 2019, go Vintage!

  1. The rising tide of Environmental-friendly Packaging

You must have noticed in the past few years that packaging trends are largely dominated by sustainability. Environmental-friendly packaging is not a new trend for 2019, but it’s likely to become more widespread.

Your consumers are becoming more sensitive to environmental issues. As such, your packaging must reflect your brand’s concern for eco-consciousness. You have the potential to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of overall packaging material needed, lowering the weight, and using recyclable material. Perplexed how to do this? For pleasing your “green”-minded consumers, you can source reusable or recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials that are better for the environment.

In short, you need to think green, design green and live green in 2019. Opt for minimalistic packaging designs that incur less waste, consume less energy in the manufacturing process and require less fuel to transport. Moreover, packages with the information for appropriate recycling or disposal elicit a green image of the brand.

  1. Opt for Nude palettes

The days of bright colors and loud patterns are gone. In 2019, give a brand-new look to your packaging design by opting soft nudes, peach, rosy or ochre undertones, with cream or chocolate hues. The trend of bold, brightly colored designs is now shifting towards neutral colors and patterns that can be embraced by a wide variety of businesses. If you’ve noticed, most of the big brands are using soothing, gentle color palettes such as warm browns, creamy whites, pinks, and beiges.

So now that you know the top packaging design trends for 2019, it’s time to give your packaging a brand new look.

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