Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Realtor

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Are you planning to sell or buy a home? If yes, then you will need the guidance of a real estate professional to make sure that the process goes smoothly without any hindrance. The realtor you will hire has to be experienced, certified as well as patient to listen to all your problems. It is so because home buying or selling process is quite a stressful job and only a qualified expert can handle it efficiently.


But the question is with so many professionals in the market, how to choose the right realtor. The best thing you can do here is to ask the broker a set of questions before hiring. While interviewing the realtor, you will be able to access his skills and qualities.


The following are the questions that you need to ask while hiring a real estate expert.


#1. From how many years you have been working as a realtor? 

Their experience is going to be really helpful in your home buying/selling process. Learn about the number and types of properties they have sold, in which cities they work, do they have any special skills. All these things are important because the experience is more than about the number of years one has been into the business. Their additional expertise will be beneficial in your home purchasing/selling process.


#2. Can you provide me with the references? 

The most crucial step that you need to follow before hiring a realtor is to talk to his previous clients. So, never forget to ask for the references. Talking to past clients, you will learn about their experience. To clarify your doubts, you can ask questions like –

  • Whether it was easy to get in touch with the broker or not?
  • If he treated you well or not?
  • Will you recommend him to others?


#3. What services will be included? 

It is imperative to discuss all your needs and expectations with the real estate professionals so that they can deliver you exactly what you expect. If you are there to sell your house, then ask –

  • If the photographs of the home will be taken by professionals or not?
  • Will you put any advertisement?
  • Will you host open house?

Make sure to get all the services listed in the contract so that misunderstandings and headaches in future can be avoided.


#4. How many clients are you working with at present? 

It is good to ask this question as you will get to know if the realtor will be able to dedicate time to your project or not.


#5. How will you keep me informed?

Because of your busy schedule, you may not be able to visit the realtor to get the regular updates. So, there have to be some communication means through which he can keep you updated, and you can talk about your concerns. Ask whether they communicate via calls, emails or text messages. Also, don’t forget to inquire about their working hours.


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