Top 5 Reasons To Survey Your Land

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You may think that the land survey is a tedious and unnecessary task and can be skipped. But it is not so! There are many cases in which land survey is must to save any confusion or legal troubles. A situation may arise when you need to know about the boundary lines and features of a property, and it is only land surveyor who can provide you with all the required information. Also, a survey provides all the needed information to comply with building codes and municipal plans.


Now coming to the reasons for a land survey, there are many. Let us have a look at them in detail.


#1. To determine the dimensions of the property and identify topography – While buying or selling a property, size is the basic thing that people take into consideration. In addition to the size of the property, you may also need information for development and construction purposes. If you are building a custom home or setting up an industry, you may need to know that your design fits on your designated land and does not overlay on the neighbors land. You can get all this information only after getting your land surveyed.


Further, the typography is another relevant information that you must know when preparing the land for development or customising the existing area. The land survey also provides you with information regarding whether there is a pond or lake, how much property is forested or is under cultivation.


#2. When renovating or building – Your neighbors won’t appreciate you for taking their land for expansion or building. So, before you start construction ascertain that the resulting design will not go beyond the boundaries. It is crucial if you don’t want any conflicts with your neighbors.


#3. To sell land or to obtain a mortgage – Today, while buying or selling property if you want to stay safe, then the land survey is a must. It is crucial that you should know whether the previous survey was correct or not. Moreover, a mortgage company gathers all the information and documents to stay safe. So, to obtain a mortgage hiring a professional land surveyor is essential.


#4. To comply with building codes and zoning laws – Different countries, cities and areas have different building laws and codes. It is zoning laws and building codes that define what can be done on a property and what is the type and size of the structure allowed on the property. A land surveyor of your area have complete knowledge about the laws and thus can help you in knowing whether you are violating any or not.


#5. To resolve a boundary dispute with neighbor – If you and your neighbor have some disagreement regarding the land, then getting the land survey done is of utter importance. It will let you know who is consuming whose space and will help in settling the dispute.


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