Utility Packaging vs. Branded Packaging: Which One is Best for Your Product

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Companies spend most of their resources, energy, and time on creating the perfect product. However, sometimes, despite putting in a lot of efforts a product fails in creating the desired impact on the customers. So, what’s the one secret ingredient that is missing to make consumers pick your product over others?

It has been found that to get the attention of customers, product packaging plays a vital role. In fact, there’s a strong connection between a product’s packaging design and branding. The packaging design of a product can have a huge impact on the experience a customer has with your brand. According to marketing experts, the right packaging and branding are essential to make your product memorable and appealing to customers.

Importance of Packaging    

The purpose of packaging is not only to keep your product secure and undamaged during shipping. In the age of social media, a new phenomenon of unboxing has become popular. People today share videos of their newly purchased products out of the packaging. This means your packaging must be able to attract your potential customers. Your product’s packaging is actually an extension of branding which means it should complement the logo and the company’s message.

Some companies simply focus on selecting between different types of packaging options, such as corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, paperboard boxes, or folding cartons. However, first, it is necessary to consider the two extremes of packaging options.

Utility Packaging vs. Branded Packaging

The type of packaging option you select depends on cost that you may charge your customers. The option you choose will have a significant impact on your overall shipping costs. However, it is important to know what the two extremes of packaging are and how they impact your brand.

  • Ø Utility-Focused Packaging

This type of packaging serve only a single purpose and that is to ship your product and nothing fancy. Here you may use either a dull plain envelope or a boring brown cardboard box with some filler to protect your product.

  • Ø Branded, Focused Packaging

Why unboxing a sleek white iPhone box or Tiffany’s blue gift box is a memorable and incredible experience? It’s because big brands like Apple, Nike, Samsung or Louis Vuitton know how to present their products in compelling and unique ways. Simply by touching the box for the very first time, you can feel the importance, quality, and significance of their products. If done right, your packaging can be as memorable as the product itself.  Successful companies have realized the importance of packaging to create a unique experience that also acts as a marketing channel. Therefore, most businesses prefer packaging which falls somewhere in between utility and some custom branded experience.

In a nutshell, branding and packaging are closely related. Custom box packaging helps in building your brand and makes it easy for a consumer to spot your products. While designing custom packaging boxes, it is necessary to think about your target customers. You need to keep your branding and packaging consistent and remember some of the most memorable brands have simple, clean and distinctive packaging.

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