What Are The Benefits Of Steel Entry Doors?

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The first thing people notice about your home is your entry door. It serves a much bigger purpose than simply being the main entrance to your home. They can considerably raise the overall aesthetic quality of your house, increase curb appeal and also keep out unwanted weather and act as a protective barrier.

While buying or constructing a house, not a lot of us pay attention to the entry door, in terms of its materials. We are here to explain to you why you should consider steel entry doors for your house.


  1. They offer protection.

While doors made of wood are not exactly weak, they pale in comparison to steel entry doors. This is because wooden doors are more prone to damage due to weather conditions than top quality steel doors. Wooden doors are also much easier to break, while steel entry doors are almost unbreakable. This greatly reduces the scope of break-ins and burglaries.

  1. They are very durable.

It is extremely important to always make sure that your entry door is at its best condition, otherwise break-ins and bad weather conditions can cause you considerable stress. Other than this, it is common for regular entry doors to get dented easily, and repairing or replacing entry doors is a very expensive task. A steel entry door will last for a very long time, and it is not affected by weather conditions due to the specialised manufacturing process. It is also considerably harder to damage steel entry doors since steel is much stronger than wood.

  1. They are low maintenance.

Steel entry doors do not need to be looked after a lot. Because they are manufactured to be as resistant as possible to wear and tear, they do not easily rot or require quick replacement. This makes them a much better alternative in comparison to regular doors.

  1. They are affordable.

You may be shocked to know this, but steel entry doors actually cost much less than wooden doors, since wood is extremely expensive. Custom wooden doors are even more expensive. Wooden doors also require a lot of upkeep, which is equally expensive. Steel, on the other hand, is affordable and also durable; this saves you more money initially and as well as in the long run.

  1. They can be customised.

Steel doors can be customised much easily, and this is much more affordable than customising wooden doors. You can add whichever design you want to make your entry door look as aesthetic and beautiful as possible.

  1. They are energy efficient.

Since steel entry doors are made very thick, they do not allow cold air conditioned air or warm air from inside the home to leak out easily. A thick layer of foam inside the door also acts as insulation which does not let the air from outside to come in either. A lot of steel doors also come with weatherstripping qualities which make them more energy efficient.

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