Why Custom Packaging is Vital for Subscription Boxes

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Are you thinking about getting into the subscription box business? If so, you are probably confused and excited. The escalating interest of the top-notch multinationals in creating subscription boxes shows that the field holds great potential.

In today’s challenging business world, if you want to be seen, having a functional website and right business strategy is not simply enough. To win the hearts of your subscribers, you need to think beyond the dull-looking and boring subscription boxes that only have necessary information printed on the surface. As such, in order to make a statement, you need a well-branded, customer-friendly custom packaging for your subscription box. Your packaging, in fact, should make your subscribers jump and scream out of joy when they receive the box.

Beautifully designed subscription boxes make subscribers feel like they’re getting something special. The custom packaging turns a dull, boring and plain box into a captivating, as well as, promotional tool.

Whether you’re already into the business or thinking about starting it soon, custom packaging is fundamental to a subscription box business. It adds an extra value to your business by including your company’s information on the box or a call to action (such as hashtags for subscribers to use on their social media channels).

Thus, a custom designed subscription box creates your brand’s first impression with new subscribers and one of the main ways to retain existing subscribers. Now, let’s discuss the important aspects of designing a great custom subscription box.


Choosing the right format and materials for your box

For creating your custom subscription box, first, you need to determine the size of the product to be shipped. Depending on the product size, you need to choose the right box format. It can be Mailer Boxes, Rigid Gift Boxes, Shipping Boxes, and Folding Cartons. Mailer boxes are the best option for subscription boxes and packaging for e-commerce companies. They are heavier and sturdy to protect your products through the shipping process.


Next, you need to decide which material will be best to present your brand. The three most common types of subscription boxes are Kraft, White, and Kemi white boxes. Kraft, the most commonly seen and used brown box is the cheapest material for subscription boxes. The other two options are somewhat expensive but look more attractive when printed digitally.

Select the right box size

The right size of the box not only helps in preventing tumbling, bumping, and damage during shipping but also helps in saving dollars. To choose the right size of your subscription boxes, you need to know the exact quantity, weight, and dimensions of the products. The right size is one which will fit all of your products comfortably. The box should neither be too big that you need fillers nor too small that it’s bursting at the seams.

Designing an Instagram-sharable subscription box

Once you’ve determined the right size and material for creating your custom subscription box, it’s time to get creative. Designing custom subscription packaging boxes is an exciting process which requires creativity and innovation. A great design can drastically elevate your marketing game and position your brand in a more effective way. For designing, you can choose between stickers and stamping. Though stickers and custom stamping are not aesthetically pleasing, but due to the low costs, they are widely used by smaller startups. Another option which can be a little more costly but has a higher visual impact is hot stamping.

A great design usually takes a minimal approach with a perfect balance of graphics and text. Your package should be able to reinforce your brand value and when it comes to subscription boxes, you want an eye-catching box that your subscribers will love to flaunt. However, no matter how you design your box, always remember that the look and feel of a subscription box matter almost as much as what is inside.

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